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Small Business Sales Strong in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG -- On a recent afternoon before Christmas, the streets of Downtown Lewisburg were filled with shoppers looking for the perfect presents.

"I come here for the quaintness and it's unique," Kim Noll said.

Market Street in Lewisburg is filled with small, locally owned businesses.

"I just love small businesses. I like to be able to go in, and Lewisburg is wonderful for that," Sandy Trate said.

Store owners tell Newswatch 16 that over the years, it's become a destination for holiday shoppers.

"I'll speak for all of Lewisburg Downtown. We all have our specialty niches. Ours is baby and child so that's what we focus on," Tabitha Geise said.

Tabitha Geise owns the Purple Platypus. The store was busy this season. Geise believes people shop small businesses because they know the people behind the product.

"We do gift wrapping. We help people shop. We know where the right products are for the right age, for the right price point," Geise said.

Throughout the month there have been all kinds of specials here in downtown Lewisburg. That includes coupons and late night shopping nights to entice people to shop small business.

"I think it's sort-of trendy now to have that old-fashioned local experience and shop small with the local people you know," Connie Harter said.

Connie Harter owns two small businesses, Retrah and the Gingerbread House.

"We employ everyone that lives locally. We get to know our customers, we give special care," Harter said.

These shoppers tell Newswatch 16 they did the majority of their holiday shopping at small businesses.

"I firmly believe to buy local, and my husband and I practice that continuously," Noll said.

"If I'm buying something I want to support the small business people," Trate said.

Small business owners hope this trend continues in the future.


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