Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign Gets Quieter

STROUDSBURG -- Those Bells aren’t going bye bye but things are changing with the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign getting quieter and smaller.

“I love them, I think that they’re great, especially this time of year,” stated Sarah Ruane of Scranton.

The countertop Kettles have been popping up at Businesses like Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg.

And it’s changing the way people have traditionally donated to the Salvation Army.

“I like these kettles because there are no ringing bells and there’s no pressure to donate. It seems a little more natural,” said Laura Below who works at the Main Street Jukebox.

Many people Newswatch 16 spoke with say they prefer the countertop kettles but others like the traditional bell ringing donation spots.

Henry Lempicky of North Abington says he prefers the ringing bells.

“It brings attention to the need, something sitting on the counter doesn’t catch your attention,” said Lempicky.

“I like the interaction with the people ringing the bell because I feel like they have a lot to say about the Salvation Army,” said Ruane.

Last year, the Salvation Army raised more than $5,000 with the countertop kettles in Monroe County.

“I’ve had plenty of customers that when I hand them their change, they glance over and look at the kettle and just toss their change in, they don’t even think of it, but it really does make a difference,” Below said.

The countertop kettle campaign runs longer than the traditional Red Kettle campaign, too.

It ends January 3rd.

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    I would hope that these counter top kettles are bolted down to stop the grab and run tactic that we see in the news every so often.

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