Rising Death Rates Due to Narcotics in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A few days before the new year, upon the third floor in his office in Williamsport, you’ll find Charles Kiessling Jr.

“Trying to get things closed up what cases we can,” said Kiessling.

This year in Lycoming County, the coroner has had quite a few cases to investigate.

“We’re about 360 cases for the year,” continued Kiessling.

“We have to investigate any calls, suicides, homicides, drug deaths,” Kiessling added.

It’s the drug deaths that have the Lycoming County coroner most concerned.

“2014 we had 14 drug deaths. 2015 we had 25. 2016 we had 35. So far this year, we had 38,” Kiessling said.

“I guess I’m not that surprised, but it’s sad to see that number go up,” stated Christopher Hess of Williamsport.

“And unfortunately, this right now seems to be a runaway freight train we can’t get under control,” Kiessling added.

“It’s kind of shocking. It seems like a quiet town since we’ve been here, but to see the statistics is kind of shocking that there are that many deaths,” stated Augustine Rico or Williamsport.

Recently Kiessling has noticed many of the illegal drugs that people overdose and die from are mixed with Fentanyl or Carfentanil, a narcotic used to tranquilize elephants.

“The sad reality is if they don’t choose to get treated and stick with treatment, they will probably eventually end up through my office,” the coroner said.


  • Jack Irvin

    The true drug dealers are the pharmaceutical companies and doctors that pour the narcotics into society, the most dangerous drug dealer wear a suit and tie and make huge profits

  • Bill K.

    Keep bringing them in to Williamsport. Keep up those Section 8 houses. Keep giving them all free public assistance. And we wonder why they keep coming here?

  • Feed Me More

    doesnt everybody love to jam needles into their bodies to inject drugs to kill yourself only to be brought back to life by first responders? how about if these people hate life so much to do this just let them die, because chances are they are going to do it again and again and again, because they want to die, let them

  • Sad Times

    Sorry but I DETEST Junkies, and their Suppliers ! The SCOURGE of WIlliamsport, Wilkes-Barre, Philly, eyc. ! Why anyone would ever even allow themselves to try it in the first place and risk addiction and death, must not have any brains ! Delaers and Junkies have ruined Williamsport, over the years ! Landlords rend to people that are both dealers and users, they ruin nice streets that were decent neighborhoods, what TRASH !

    • test

      Sadly they don’t start trying needles, most would not. They start using prescription pills. When they can no longer afford them they go to injectable opiates because they are dirt cheap.

      • test

        Much of the blame here goes to the doctors who prescribe opiates for things they could have recommended advil for, the pharmaceutical industry for incentivizing these prescriptions and the government for not allowing non addictive alternatives such as thc/cbd.

      • What Happened In Harrisburg????

        Wrong. People make choices. They choose whether or not to inject, swallow, huff, smoke, or absorb any substance that they are interested in. I know OF people who went straight to a needle, they didn’t pass “Go,” and they didn’t collect $200.

        Opioids have been used for pharmaceutical and recreational purposes since the dawn of man. The “War On Drugs” must be conceded as a abysmal failure, but it never will be on account of this “war” is a revenue machine. Without drugs, there would be no need for special agencies, treatment centers, alternative drug treatments, specialized investigative units, tactical equipment…………the list goes on, and on, and on…….

        We know people die from drug overdoses. Did anybody die in the Harrisburg terrorist shooting by the lone gunmuslim that targeted law enforcement? ANY FRIGGING WORD ON THAT, WNEP????????

      • That didn’t take long

        I was waiting to see how long it took until someone blamed doctors and ‘big pharma’. Go back to lining your walls with tin foil, the government can hear your thoughts and the EMF is scrambling your reason.

  • Capt. Bogart

    As long as all branches of government are getting their cut $$$, then it will never stop. Susquehanna County, PA they sell it in the parking lots, street corners, right out in the open. It’s like the dealers know they won’t be arrested.

  • Earl Simmons

    Some may say sad, or other things, but it really is a choice, a choice you make to start a path of death. Its no secret that many die, and its not enough to deffer it. Let the weak filter out

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