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New Year’s Eve Celebration in Sunbury Canceled Due to Cold Weather

SUNBURY -- When you see the seven-foot fall light bulb above the Hotel Edison in Sunbury, it means New Year’s Eve is right around the corner.

For the last five years, Sunbury Revitalization Inc. has dropped the light bulb at Midnight.

That tradition is on hold this year.

That’s because one of the event’s main sponsors, Entertainment Tents pulled out because of the frigid weather.

“It’s sad to say but I totally get it, the liability of people getting too cold,” stated Brenda Reichenback of Sunbury.

Entertainment Tents provides the stage, tables, and tents.

Reichenback owns a business on Market Street next to where the event is normally held.

She usually has a party at her store for friends and loyal customers.

“Being so cold, I really don’t think people, they’ll want to stay home and celebrate,” Reichenback continued.

Others disagree and don’t think the cold weather should stop the New Year’s Eve celebration from happening.

“It’s going to be a real bummer. You can watch the ball drop on tv but it’s so much for fun when you see it in person,” Angela Baylor of Sunbury said.

“I was bummed and trying to figure out what I’m going to do now,” stated John Perry of Sunbury.

“Kinda new to Sunbury. I’ve only been here since April. People were telling me a lot about it and I was planning on going,” continued Perry.

Even though the main celebration is canceled, the Sunbury ice rink will be open from 9 p.m. until midnight.

There will also be fireworks at midnight along the river.


  • Earl Miller

    Lol. The amount of idiots here astounds me. It’s all talk of how people should just do it and forget the cold. Yes… They’ll have prizes. The last one to lose a pinky wins a punch to the face like a wimp they are… Except no, that arrogant bravado gets nobody anywhere.

  • Joe skook aka every skook

    I brag about being able to drink a lot but then I get sore tummy after 4 beers and yell at mommy to make me feel better.

    • RJELQ

      I am sure facebook will be active in the coal region tonight. a lot of posts of people acting 18 at 40 posting about their row home basement celebration. expect a lot of kid and penn state pics being posted folks.

  • COACH0

    I was waiting all year for the Sunbury ball drop. Maybe shamokin has something going on, will doc kranyak sing dr feelgood to kick off the bash. ill be there wearing my stained mca sweatshirt, psu starter jacket and eagles dinky.

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