Heating Oil Businesses Seeing a Boost as Temperatures Drop

FRACKVILLE -- The main thing on everybody's mind right now is how cold it is.

The chilly temperatures have many people cranking up their heat. Jack Rich, Inc. in Frackville has been busy filling oil tanks.

"It`s crazy, but this is what we do," Jack Rich, Inc. Vice President Jamie Barto said. "We take care of homes. We take care of people, so people burn a lot more oil."

Newswatch 16 rode around with Jack Rich oil driver Bernie Guzick as he filled up tanks in the area.

"Two weeks ago, it really started kicking in and then now it's to the wall all the way," Guzick said.

The company says they service about 4,000 homes in Schuylkill County. This time of year, they have about five drivers out a day, each one will service about 35 homes.

"That's a lot of deliveries," Barto said. "For an oil truck driver, they're in and out of the truck all day. They're not just driving along and making a delivery. That's 35 times they`re in and out of the truck, so they're braving the weather, too."

Customers we spoke to said they prefer oil heat.

"We had coal heat growing up and it was just something that you had to constantly maintain and oil you don't have to do anything but put it in the tank and it maintains itself," oil heat customer Jennifer Knapik said.

Jack Rich also accepts orders for heating oil online so that the business can address clients' needs quickly.


  • Not necessarily the news

    And in other news, people stopped at a red light, and then went when it turned green. This explains why they don’t have time to cover a story in Harrisburg where a muslim terrorist targeted police officers.

    • Jack Kerouac

      Authorities in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, are downplaying an initial assessment by the Trump Administration that a shooting spree in the capital city last week was an act of terrorism.

  • steviezrapper

    in frackville the street roamers setz up de camp behind the votech building. no need for heat for this crowd and at roman’s some people get nice and loud, but the row homes and half doubles have ole jack rich getting rich yall. people love ns sports very very proud! dollar dollar bill yall! holla!

    • oh duh

      Thank you for connecting those oddball dots for me, WNEP!!! I just couldn’t seem to fathom why my furnace kept running and I was using up so much fuel! Sure! It was the near-zero-degree weather, out there, of course. Now, why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I was thinking more about how the Harrisburg shooting has been smothered.

      Trite, redundant, and retarded. Stay classy WNEP

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