Welcome Center Confusion Continues

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- The PennDOT welcome center just off Interstate 80 in Monroe County has been closed for repairs for about a month, but drivers continue to go there. They say they're confused by PennDOT's signs. Some say the center is closed, but others make it appear it's still open.

Anna Kuriakose of New Jersey entered Pennsylvania through the Delaware Water Gap toll bridge and decided to stop at the welcome center.

"I was actually trying to reach the welcome center from the highway, saw the signs, got to the light, and then was totally confused about where to go," Kuriakose said.

When she arrived, she found the place fenced off and locked up.

"It's very confusing," she said.

The sign warning drivers entering Pennsylvania that the welcome center is closed is located on the far right side of the road. Some drivers told us as they're coming through the toll booth and onto the highway, it was just too difficult to notice.

"I didn't even see anything saying closed because I'm used to seeing the blue welcome center sign. If they put a closed sticker across that sign, anything that has 'welcome center' on it, saying closed, it would be a lot easier," said Barbara Sobczyk of New Jersey.

PennDOT does have orange closed signs over some of the welcome center signs but not all of them.

"Because there's no sign on the preceding road, I wasn't quite sure until I saw the welcome center sign across the road," Sobczyk said.

PennDOT spokesperson Sean Brown told Newswatch 16 it wouldn't be simple to change the overhead signs because it would require hiring an outside contractor. Although, he did say PennDOT will now look into that option.

He also said PennDOT will look into adding closed notices on other signs that don't currently show the center is closed.

Drivers want even more information.

"Even give us an idea about where the next welcome center or someplace is that we can get information," said Sobczyk.

Until something changes, you'll continue to see confused drivers trying to figure out where to get the information and services they need.


  • Karen

    PennDOT does everything half-assed. It doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t cover all of the signs. Why do they have to hire an outside contractor just to put up CLOSED signs/ stickers? PennDOT is just lazy and overpaid.


    Signs wouldn’t make a difference. People can’t read them. Want proof? Go stand on a corner with a big red sign that says “STOP” on it and see how many people obey the sign.

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