Neighbors Call for Stop Sign After Woman Hit, Killed

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DALTON -- Police say a 67-year-old woman was hit by a pickup truck and killed while she was walking her dog near her home.

It happened on East Main Street in Dalton shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The Lackawanna County deputy coroner tells Newswatch 16 that Dorothy Hayden, 67, of Dalton, died from her injuries.

Rob Lopez lives across the street from the scene.

"I wondered what was happening, so I just left it for a while, but after a half hour of them being out there, I said 'There's something going on,' so I went out and talked to the policeman, and he said that the lady across the street got hit. It's really tragic," Lopez said.

Neighbors we spoke with call this stretch of East Main Street very busy. They're actually calling for a stop sign at the intersection with Lily Lake Road because cars often come flying down the hill.

"The cars coming down from Waverly into Dalton and going up, they do kind of speed on this hill. There is a speed limit, and nobody really adheres to it," said Charles Bowen of Dalton.

"This is a busy road. They come flying down here. The cops come ticket, but people don't care. People are always in a hurry to go nowhere fast," said Susan Davidson of Dalton.

"They can use the corner of our property. I don't care, but they should put up a stop sign," said Lopez.

Neighbors remember Hayden as a beautiful and kind woman who walked her dog all the time.

"She's always around town. She was with the Cub Scouts for many, many years. I think she may have still been. She was walking that dog every day. I knew her personally, very, very sweet lady," Davidson said.

"She would walk her dog past my house every day and I would say, 'Hi, how you doing?' and go over there and talk from time to time," Lopez said.

Newswatch 16 reached out to PennDOT, which said it will reach out to the municipality here on the proper steps to putting a stop sign at that intersection.

Police say the driver of the pickup truck was not hurt. There is no word if the driver will face any charges.


  • Mike

    A classic hit piece from WNEP:

    1.After 5 PM means it was dark, so why was this person out? Was she wearing reflective clothes, have a flashlight, walking on the proper side of road? It is best to get well off the road when cars come by too.
    2.Stop signs can only be used to control right-of-way, nothing else. The MUTCD lists that is the proper way to do things.
    3.Visual speed estimation does NOT work.
    4.How about seeing what the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed is there. The speed limit is likely too low.
    5.PennDOT should be aware of what the MUTCD says, so the first thing should be to advice that a valid traffic study be completed, if anything is done at all. One event does not mean there is a serious problem there, either.

    How about some balanced reporting next time? Check out the National Motorists Association for balanced coverage fo driving issues.

  • Censorship is alive and well

    How nice of you to delete my comment from last night, WNEP. Truth hurts? Or just doesn’t fit into to liberal fake news agenda?

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