Mount Carmel Doctor’s License Suspended

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MOUNT CARMEL -- The doctor accused of operating a "pill mill" in Northumberland County is no longer practicing medicine.

The State Board of Osteopathic Medicine confirmed that Dr. Raymond Kraynak's license is suspended.

Federal investigators accused Kraynak of illegally prescribing painkillers to thousands of people from his offices in Shamokin and Mount Carmel.

Kraynak is even charged in connection with the deaths of five of his patients.

Federal agents say that between this year and last, Kraynak prescribed the most controlled substances of any doctor in Pennsylvania.


  • Patricia S Wright

    I want to know if the DEA will be held responsible for the death of one of his patients who died because a lack of healthcare? My best friend died yesterday because she didnt have a dr.

  • Coal crackers

    Now with this doctor being removed from his position, the state prisons have now become the coal regions largest employer. Followed by a close 2nd to the school districts.

  • Dave

    Doctors like this one should face stiffer prosecution than drug dealers on the street. They are supposed to help save people, but instead contribute to the decline of society. Hope he rots!!! The state should be investigating Dr Mario L Adajar Jr who practices in Wyoming, PA. He’s another scumbag drug dealing doctor. I have personally filed a complaint against him with the state board of medicine.

  • warningfakenews

    “Kraynak is even charged in connection with the deaths of five of his patients.”

    Yeah, lets see what happens if he goes to trial.

    • warningfakenews

      Fortunately for big brother, there is a nearly endless supply of “new number ones”.

      The government wants you to get a motrin if you break your leg. A State Senator or Representative? They’ll get whatever they want.

  • Jenson

    Next: Women are going to come out saying he sexual Assaulted them 42 years ago. I understand ladies you are mad with your lives and how they turned out but leave us men alone

  • Tightcheeks

    Anyone from Ashland able to provide us with an update on the current state of that town?! Riots? ABA molester parade back? Pharmacy overrun? Boys getting shaved? Ashandeers and Girardvillians have been getting dopey pills from this guy since they were in middle school. I am really concerned about the possibility of these people attempting to think or go out in public now. They can’t function in society. Better to keep them pilled-up in a row home.

  • 🤔

    Well, maybe he should have been a little more choosey on who he gave meds to and what kind they were. It’s sad to see this happen but when a Dr becomes that irresponsible about giving out pain meds, this has to happen. He certainly wasn’t helping the opioid epidemic. He was contributing to it. Just sad!

  • cappinkaney

    Skook are very upset about this guy getting suspended. Maybe you would like to chat me up in a private message?


    anyone have a visitors guide to this area. The pictures of mountain laurels, coal banks and illegal dumping with the 20 degree temperatures are making me want to explore a possible move here. I might be picky but I am looking for a row home with a concrete yard that is close to a bar that plays dokken or ratt 24 hours a day.

    • Hootie

      North Schuylkill might be closed indefinitely. All of their teachers calling off due to withdrawal…..students too!

  • This Crue's Motley

    Rat-tailed Raymond is a second hand hood;
    He deals out in Coal Crackin’ hood.
    Got a medical license, now in flames;
    Wrote ‘scripts for some powdered goods.
    Jigsaw Raymond, He’s runnin’ a gang
    But I hear he’s doin’ o.k.
    Lost a cozy little job, now sells the Polish mob
    Packages of candycaine.

    He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood.
    He’s the one that makes ya feel alright.
    He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood.

    Cops in Shamokin always ignore;
    Somebody’s getting paid.
    Raymond’s got it wired, law’s for hire,
    Got it made in the shade.
    Got a little hideaway, does business all day,
    But at night he’ll always be found
    Selling sugar to the sweet
    People on the street;
    Call this Raymond’s town.

    He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood.
    He’s the one that makes ya feel alright.
    He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood;
    He’s gonna be your Frankenstein.
    I’ve got one thing you’ll understand:
    He’s not what you’d call a glamorous man.
    Got only one thing that’s easily understood:
    He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood.

  • angelasmith

    A patient should not become addicted to pain medication. For shame on this doctor. My doctor does not prescribe these type of pain medication for pain. Go buy aspirin or tylenol. Or deal with the pain.
    I deal with constant pain physically and I am with a good doctor who is responsible when it comes to giving out medication for pain.
    I learn to deal with pain or take medication over the counter to counter the pain I receive from my pain.

    What concerns me is that all these individuals addicted to this pain medicine will have a hard time getting off of this medication and they might buy illicit drugs and rob and steal from people.
    This doctor did a disservice to his patients. Shame on him. How dare he do this. This is real messed up.
    Lock him up and throw away the key. Horrible person.

  • Skook4life

    How we apposta get are pills now? Dey take every thing away from us. Dey even closed da mall. If we cant get da pills everybody gonna freak out on bath salts. Borough council meeting gonna have mad peeps complain. Life ain’t no fair in skook towns.

  • berrios

    Extremely bad news for the pill dependent Shenandoah valley, Mahanoy area, north Schuylkill, mount carmel and shamokin areas,

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