Mechanics Give Advice About Winter Car Care

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MINERSVILLE -- Local mechanics warn drivers to make sure their cars are prepared for the winter weather.

The holidays are usually pretty slow at T&T Automotive in Minersville, but that won't be for long. Mechanics, like William Hagan, said the colder it gets, the busier he gets. He said one of the most important things drivers need to check is their battery.

"When it gets colder out, the battery tends to be weaker," Hagan said. "So, if they don't maintain it -- like in this instance, I'm working on this (battery). All the acid is built up around the terminal and that'll cause a no start issue until you clean all the acid off and get everything maintained."

Newswatch 16 also checked in at Minersville Auto Parts. They said this time of year is when they begin to see a rush of people buying batteries.

"A good cold streak or a good hot streak is what usually zaps a battery," Minersville Auto Parts salesmen Bill Dill said. "Battery sales are down a little bit. We're still doing good with them, but the problem is we haven't really had a good cold steak."

Mechanics warn you not to wait until the last minute to buy a new battery or get your car checked. Mechanics said you should already have your car serviced for winter by the time it gets cold so that it is ready to go.

"Cold days start to hit, you should have your anti-freeze checked, battery checked, make sure your wipers are good," Hagan said. "That all should be checked and I think that it should be done prior to the winter months."

Longtime T&T Automotive customers, like George Earhart, said they always make sure to service their cars before the first cold spell.

"I just had it inspected not too long ago," Earhart said. "Make sure you have good tires on the vehicle. Good brakes."

T&T's said you should always have your car checked out by a professional and that it only costs about $15 to have your batteries serviced.

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