Joe Maddon in Hazleton for Premiere of ‘American Creed’

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HAZLETON -- Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was back home in Hazleton Wednesday night for a special premiere.

Maddon and his wife Jade were among about 70 guests at a sneak peek of "American Creed."

The documentary, which played at Hazleton One Community Center, highlights diversity and features Maddon, as well as Condoleezza Rice and historian David Kennedy.

Maddon tells Newswatch 16 his focus in his hometown has always been about trust.

"I'm into building relationships. I'm into creating trust, and I'm into compromise and conversation. Being an American is about coming together and trusting one another and trying to do what's best for everybody and not just for certain groups," Maddon said.

"American Creed" debuts on PBS and WVIA on February 27.


  • Ali

    I was lucky enough to be at this event. What an amazing documentary! It filled me with gratitude for Joe and Jaye Maddon. They truly understand the heart of community. Their focus is always on the betterment of us, as a society. I’ve seen event after event where they are actually DOING something about the issues we face here. They amaze me! THANK YOU JOE & JAYE MADDON. You are true heroes to me, and always will be.

  • Evans

    He’s probably a molester. People look the other way here so he won’t get caught. Oh and he’s famous so he’s probably in his own horny heaven. What weirdo, weird area too.

  • Archibald Bunker

    If one of these Hazleton low lifes stepped on Maddon’s well manicured lawn he’d be the first to throw diversity to the wind and call the cops.

  • warningfakenews

    I wonder how committed Joe would be without the large group of Dominican players he needs to build a bond with in order to be an more effective manager with them?

  • Say it ain't so joe

    Hey Joe, why don’t you ride around with the Hazleton PD some night and see how YOUR diversity programs are working. God your an idiot! Better yet, why don’t you take your millions and live on Diamond street for a while? “They” will get you the first night you move in! It ain’t no joke Joe. It ain’t no joke. Diversity has made us prisoners in our own homes. Just ain’t fair! You say “It’s all about trust.” well Joe, it’s hard to trust a knife wielding neighbor from a 3rd world country who can’t speak English while high on drugs and or alcohol!

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