How Police Tracked Down Bank Robbery Suspect

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SCRANTON -- Authorities officially charged a man with two of three recent bank robberies in Scranton and Dunmore.

Officers arrested Scott Kobesky Tuesday night.

Police found a white Nissan Altima behind the Adams high rise apartment building in Scranton around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Police believe that is the car Kobesky stole during a home invasion on Christmas. Officers on a stake-out spotted Kobesky trying to get into the Nissan. When officers approached him, he ran, but officers caught him.

People who live at the apartment building recalled the scene.

"Last night was kind of strange. Cops came up, and they had the dogs, and they just went upstairs. Everybody pretty much came outside or stayed away from the area and they were going up and down, looking all over," said Nunzio Caccamo of Scranton.

"I came in the building from the store and there were like 10 cops in the lobby with dogs," said Brentley Ashley of Scranton.

Kobesky is charged with robbing Fidelity Bank on Green Ridge Street in Scranton last week and NET Federal Credit Union on Mulberry Street in Scranton on Tuesday. He is also charged for a home invasion in Scranton on Christmas. Kobesky later admitted to police that he robbed FNCB Bank in Dunmore earlier this month.

"Well, he's been a pretty busy guy. It's wrong. No matter what, it's wrong. I'm glad they caught him. It's people like that where you never know whether you're safe at home or you're not."

For one Scranton man, who used to be homeless, he says he can relate to Kobesky knowing the struggles he dealt with personally.

"It's like bad karma, and God watches over you if you have integrity and live a life of compassion. Even for those that feel like their jobs are being turned down because they may be a felon, if you give your heart to God, things can turn around," said Geoffrey Campbell of Scranton.

Kobesky was not able to post bail and is locked up in the Lackawanna County jail.


  • Fredric

    The car was stolen a week ago. A man used to being homeless returned to a cheap apartment. Over a dozen or more police and dogs swooped down and nabbed the accused.

    The accused will now stand at a make believe trial with a public defender and cost us $225 daily. He is getting what he needs a warm cell, food medical care.

  • sad 😢

    Lol , turned down for work because your a felon! Duh why not! Much better to not become a felon and you’ll probably have a job unless your one of the millions of generations welfare ! Truth is if you look at statistics felons go back to a life of criminal activity

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