Cold Weather Doesn’t Stop People from Wanting Ice and Ice Cream

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While the bitter temps may be a slap in the face to many of us, some folks are used to working in frigid conditions all year round!

There are still people out there who want ice and ice cream. Newswatch 16 spoke to the workers who make that happen.

Patches of ice covered the Susquehanna River on Wednesday morning as cold air in the teens blew over the Wyoming Valley.

However, all this icy weather doesn’t stop people from wanting ice.

“I came in this morning and there was enough customer call-ins that we needed to have two full trucks on the road completely loaded,” Bayo’s Ice plant manager Brian Richart said.

The freezer at Bayo’s Ice in Swoyersville was actually warmer than was outside.

“Sometimes you get the effect where you come in from the outside and you think that the freezer is not working, however, it still is, it’s just that inside it is 20 degrees and outside it is five degrees much like today,” Richart said.

Up in Lackawanna County, it wasn’t just people working in the cold.

Bovines were braving the freezing temperatures while others were busy being milked for ice cream.

“[Customers] come out for the seasonal popular ones like peppermint stick, they’ll come out for peanut butter cup. All the fun flavors we have,” Manning’s Farm herdsman Brian Manning said.

Newswatch 16 ventured inside the ice cream freezer at Manning’s Farm near Dalton. It was shocking, to say the least.

“The fans blow the wind all over if you stay in here too long, it's bone-chilling cold, you need all your clothes,” Manning said.

Newswatch 16’s Carolyn Blackburne tried some of the ice cream immediately after being inside one of the freezers that was 20 below zero. She said it was still delicious, despite the cold!

Other customers seemed to agree. There were plenty of sold-out flavors at Manning’s.

“I like the customers that believe the way to feel warmer is to cool down their body a little bit with some ice cream. So they change that temperature in their body a little bit and it makes this four-degree weather outside feel warm,” Manning said.

If you’d like to try some of the ice cream for yourself, you can visit Manning’s near Dalton anytime between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.


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