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Big Day for World War II Vet

SCRANTON -- It was a special day for Edgena Jones and her family as she celebrated her 100th birthday in Scranton on Wednesday.

Edgena served in World War II, in what would later become the U.S. Air Force as a messenger.

"She was a sergeant in the Air Force and of course she still tries to be the sergeant," her niece, Brenda Lee Marmo told Newswatch 16.

Edgena told Newswatch 16 she joined the armed forces because she felt worthy of it and wanted to step up and serve her country.

And what's her secret that keeps her dancing at 100 years young?

"Walk and eat the right food. Try organic if you can," Edgena said.

But her niece says she left out a few things.

"She believes in walking, natural foods, brandy, and dark chocolate. That's her secret," said Lee.


  • Susie.

    Happy Birthday Eugena, God Bless,your 100 years young,you are an inspiration to us all .Thank you for your service.We all should follow your advice, you know best. From all the food service workers at the Gino Merli Veterans Center!.🎁🎈🎉🎉🎈🎁

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