Police Nab Man Wanted for 2 Bank Robberies, Home Invasion

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SCRANTON -- Police arrested a man wanted for robbing two banks in Scranton in less than one week, and he's under investigation for a third bank robbery in Dunmore.

The suspect hit NET Credit Union on Mulberry Street in Scranton Tuesday morning.

A witness inside the bank at the time of the robbery tells Newswatch 16 it was quick, only about a minute or two. Police say the suspect, Scott Kobesky, handed the teller a note, got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, and drove off in a stolen car.

Scranton and Dunmore police and members of the FBI took Scott Kobesky into custody on bank robbery and other related charges on Tuesday evening.

"It's definitely this time of year, also we have a bad drug problem in our area and I believe it's getting worse. We're going to have to address something with it," Sean Quinn of Wyoming said.

The stolen car is a 2007 white Nissan Altima with Pennsylvania registration and plates that read HRG 0274. Police say Kobesky stole the car from a woman he knew on Christmas night. He assaulted her at her home in the Green Ridge section of Scranton, stole her car and other personal belongings.

"I have a forklift company, auto repair company and a construction company and I'm going through people left and right. My own home was robbed by an employee that worked for me," Quinn said.

Kobesky was also wanted for robbing Fidelity Bank on Green Ridge Street in Scranton last Friday night. In that robbery, he also handed the teller a note and got away with cash. He had no weapon then either.

"I think it's a shame now what society has to go through, stealing now from banks and risking someone's life? Over whatever it can be, I know times are tough but something has to be done," Kevin Kuna of Scranton said.

Kobesky is under investigation for his involvement in a third bank robbery that happened at FNCB in Dunmore last Tuesday.

"Try to be aware that's all. Keep your eye out, see what's happening, be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, just report it it's the best thing you can possibly do," Kuna said.



  • Pigparts

    Sounds like scranton is shot. Too bad they don’t have something like Schuylkill County has in SEDCO. Upstanding millennials are flocking to that County for high wages at distribution centers. They go out to eat in Pottsville for grilled cheese sandwiches and find youth sports very entertaining. SEDCO almost came up with the idea for SKOOK car magnets. Sweet County. Odd people.

  • Fredric

    Stop the useless bickering and let’s find this guy. Obviously the police can’t find him or the vehicle, even with the fact financed vehicles come with anti theft devices, for the benefit of the finance and insurance companies.

    My guess is he is a lot sharper than he is being credited for. The note had a name and prints. But are they his?

  • commentswithabrain

    He’s a junkie – find out who he hangs with and tell THOSE junkies that until he’s caught they will not be getting any sort of “relief”. Do that and this guy will be is custody by the morning..

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