Penn State Alumni Society Prepare for Fiesta Bowl Party

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- For the seventh time in school history, Penn State will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl.

As the Nittany Lions take on Washington this Saturday at 4 p.m. locally the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Alumni Society will be holding a Fiesta Bowl watch party at the River Grille in Plains Township.

"Fans for Penn State are worldwide. The fact that we're in the Fiesta Bowl against a very good Washington football team, it attracts the fans," said Anthony Shipula, Director of Campus Development.

"It's definitely going to be a party scene. If you were here for the Ohio State game, it was raucous in here," said Jonathon Sinclair, Alumni Society President.

"The watch parties are pretty cool. It gets pretty rambunctious here. It would have been great to see them in the top four. It really would've been great but you can't sneeze at the Fiesta Bowl," said Stan Staskiel of Plains Township.

The Nittany Lions have won their previous six Fiesta Bowl appearances. One Nittany Lions fan has been going to bowl games since the 70's. He's making the trip again this year.

"This is going to be my 36th Penn State bowl game. I've gone to every one since the 1975 Cotton Bowl. I got tied up with Penn State football when I was a little boy. My uncle liked to go to the games and ever since then I've been going," said Michael Hudacek of Plymouth Township.

As far as predictions go, fans were unanimous, Penn State will win the game.

"Penn State 35, Washington 21."

"Penn State 35, Washington 31."

"24 to 17, Nittany Lions."

"Penn State, 28 to 27."



    • rattfan1987

      im looking for a stained psu starter jacket with matching long socks and lions halfshirt. so i can post my gear on facebook 50 times before the big game! go ped state!

  • Adam thomas

    Are the Sandusky boys and the adjudicated criminal administrators gonna call into the party from prison or house arrest via Skype . talk about delusional

    • berrios

      jack, did you read that the alumni parties become a little rambunctious. Well, so did the showers and frat parties on campus probably back when these people went to school up there. but school administrators looked the other way. now on house arrest. what a cycle of destruction.

    • Pig Parts

      PSU has difficulty doing sexy time appropriately. Lots of people there that are very repressed and confused sexually. It’s kind of like Schuylkill county created that university but skooks can’t accomplish anything

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