Pedestrian Hit and Killed by Tow Truck in Monroe County

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- It's a busy intersection, with multiple turning lanes and access points to post Interstate 80 and Route 33.

"It's a little complicated. The lights change so fast. There's four different ways to come out of just to go where you need to go and make turns or whatever," said Miranda Griffin, Saylorsburg.

It was at this busy intersection where police say a tow truck hit and killed a pedestrian this morning. The homeless man was in a turning lane, not a designated crossing area when it happened.

Police say that the driver likely won't be charged since it looks like the crash was not his fault.

Despite the danger here, drivers tell Newswatch 16 they often see homeless people and panhandlers at the center of the traffic.

"Usually they'll hang out over by Red Robin and on the on and off ramps over here to get on 80," said Andrew Lopez of Henryville.

Ana Price volunteers to help homeless people. She told us this area is part of a common route that they use to access public transportation

"People don't realize that there's a lot of homeless folks who are marginal folks because they don't have a vehicle," said Price.


A pedestrian was hit and killed Tuesday morning by a tow truck in Monroe County.

It happened on Route 611 near the Route 33 on-ramp just before 8 a.m. near Bartonsville.

Police say the man, who was homeless, was walking in this turning lane and the truck driver didn't see him because of sun glare.

The truck is from Steele Towing and Transport out of Pittston.

According to police, the driver likely won't face charges given the circumstances.

Investigators have not released the driver's name or the victim's name.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.



  • Supporter of America

    What a terrible thing for the driver. I doubt he intentionally hit the man/woman, like some on here suggest. People driving aren’t always looking for a person on the road walking. I bet most people making snood comments don’t notice half the deer standing along the road, and that’s just their tunnel vision and ignorance thinking they are the only ones with the right to be on the road; “Cause they pay their taxes.”

  • Jenson

    The friends and family that disregarded this homeless man, will be coming out of the wood work to file a lawsuit against the tow truck company and probably penndot

    • TruthHurts

      Pretty classy of you to spew such hate when you’re obviously guilty of not being able to read properly… Pot calling the kettle black..?
      Just curious but how much of, “THAT DOPE,” have you smoked? It’s pretty clear by your quick, (and inaccurate, I might add) judgement on something that you took what bit of information you wanted, (or understood) to twist and manipulate this tragedy for your own entertainment and 5 seconds of fame, that you smoked more than enough.. Shame on you!
      I hope this breakdown in simple terms, helps you understand what happened and how wrong you are and you should apologize… The pedestrian was IN the on-ramp lane to an interstate (an interstate is a big word for highway, or road with lots of lanes to drive in; as well as I don’t know about you, but it was never a hobby of mine to walk or cross roads/on ramps during morning rush hour..). The driver was headed to that interstate. Not only was he sitting physically higher than a normal vehicle or pickup truck, but if you’ve ever seen a tow truck, you’d clearly know that you have an enormous hood to see over. The accident occurred between 7am and 8am. It’s winter here in NEPA which means there’s not much sunlight as there is in summer and the sun rises much later, just before rush hour, actually. So unless you are God’s gift to this world and perfect, you have absolutely no room to say you never once experienced a moment when you’re driving, (either around sunrise, or sunset like this situation this morning) where you come around a corner, make a turn onto a new road, or even come out of a wooded area, (where the treeline was blocking the sun) and not immediately have a moment where the sun blinds you and you scramble to grab your sunglasses, or pull your visor down. All it takes is that one unfortunate split second!! You are no better than anyone else and I honestly feel sorry for you that you can be so ignorant without a single care for your quick, and spiteful hate. It’s people like YOU that’s wrong with this country today and I pray for you to not only wake up someday, but I pray you never find yourself in a similar situation as this poor driver, with people jumping to quick conclusions of pointing the finger with unnecessary name calling and accusations they know absolutely nothing about, like you did today, to this poor soul!! IT WAS A PURE ACCIDENT, PERIOD. NO ONE is at fault. GROW UP.

    • CeeMe

      And maybe he didn’t even see him/her, and was walking in a turning lane. Read the article. A major highway has way too much traffic, for people to be walking on. I realize people get tired, desperate, but that’s the chance you take.

      • NY2PA

        Transplants aka those people who pay taxes.
        Tourists aka those people who patronize local business.
        You know what happens when a town/city stops having traffic, it dies. Businesses close, the economy goes to crap, property values decrease.
        Get over yourself. Everyone is from some where else. Unless you were born under a rock in the Poconos.

      • Pa is poo

        Ny2pa- You know what happens to rural Pa. when it’s invaded by out of state transplant gangster thugs? Yeah that’s right, people die like businesses die.. We die. Your logic is for commercial not residential.

      • Jay

        Chance you take is walking around the transplants. People from ny or NJ don’t care about you or anything. They will run you down to get in front of you. Nothing matters to them as long as they are ahead of you. That’s the citidiot way. Me first and you second, doesn’t matter if hey risked your life or Thiers they are first. When them citidiots come here they should have to take a driver’s license test again. It won’t matter because it’s all about pulling out in front of you or cutting you off because in the mind of a citidiot it’s me first and you last screw everything but me that’s all that matters me.

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