Most Popular Christmas Tree Type? Depends Where You Live

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CARBON COUNTY --  According to the National Christmas Tree Association, more than 27 million trees are sold each holiday.
And the most popular pick can depend on where you live.

In the western part of the country, the Noble fir is king. How about here in Northeastern Pennsylvania?

"The Frasier fir by far is the most popular, we sell here 3 to 1 Frasier fir," said Jeff Hill, Hill Farms.

Jeff Hill'S family Christmas tree farm is 250 acres near Lehighton. He's been in the business for 40 years.

"Nordmann fir is the number one tree in Europe and we sell them here and that has now become our number 2 selling tree, it's passed the Douglass fir."

Pennsylvania is one of six states that produce the most Christmas trees.

"Always a real tree, always. I do remember one year my mom had the foil ones they were really pretty but not exciting," said Emily George of Palmerton.

Jerry George has been selling Christmas wreaths and trees for 15 years in the Lehighton area and he has a favorite tree.

"I like the Con Color fir. It smells like oranges. You pick the ends off the ends, the buds off the ends of the branches and then they bleed and that's where you get your smell from," said George.

Christmas tree farmers say there are lots of reasons people choose a particular tree. What it looks like, whether the branches are sturdy enough for ornaments, what it smells like, but perhaps the most important reason? Tradition.

Jeff Hill says, "If Grandma had a Frasier fir and Mom had a Frasier fir, probably pretty good chance you'll have a Frasier fir because it's what you were raised with."

The Christmas Tree Association estimates no matter what they choose, customers average about $75 per tree.


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