Help to Return Holiday Gifts

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DUNMORE -- Help is here if you had some gifts go wrong this Christmas.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey has a few tips from a pro to make the holiday returns easier.

If your Christmas was a little chaotic or maybe you got a gift you just weren't feeling, don't let that unwanted present become problematic. It's time to think: holiday returns!

Bargain Mom and Supper Shopper Jenna Urban said, "Look online. Know the return policy. Do you need to have the gift receipt? Are they going to give you a gift card?"

The Dunmore woman offered tips to avoid any shopping stress when making those exchanges. If you have no gift receipt, Jenna suggests going to the store where you know it was purchased and ask to speak to a manager.

"You obviously won't get the full amount back, but most of the time they'll give you a gift card with a discounted price of the value of the item," explained Urban.

With receipt or no receipt, no matter what you're returning, shopping strategists suggest to always bring along your photo ID. Many stores require it with returns to help cut down on bogus claims and shoplifters.

If you received a gift card this Christmas to a place that's just not around here and you're worried you won't use it, here's what Urban says to do.

Most times you cannot return it but you can sell it for a portion of the value and make some money from that unwanted gift card. Websites including and GiftCardGranny usually take a percentage of the value. But it's better than having them sit around.

And if you run into a holiday hiccup and those some of those returns just don't happen, you could start a gift closet for say future birthdays. And if returns aren't on your radar but you still have a little shopping stamina left, deal seekers say there's one place you'll find big-time sales this week that's often overlooked.

"The best place you're going to find bargains are drug stores. Drug stores have to clear their shelves off all holiday items and toy items to move in for the next holiday," added Urban.

After you take care of the gifts you didn't want, it'll allow for time to enjoy those presents you do like.


  • PAtriot

    Isn’t it odd that one needs a driver’s license or other valid ID to return a Christmas present, but in many parts of the country requiring same to VOTE is somehow a ‘hardship’ or ‘discriminatory’ to those hoping to abet vote fraud !

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