Chilly Day on the Slopes

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HERRICK TOWNSHIP -- Temperatures in the teens and a blustery wind are no match for skiers and snowboarders this season at Elk Mountain.

Folks on the slopes are making sure they're covered up to battle the cold.

"I got heated mittens, and I have heaters in my boots and I have about 12 layers on," said Paula Roe-Prior of Waverly.

People on the slopes had all kinds of tools and tips to help stay warm. They suggest wearing face masks, insulation, and taking regular breaks in between runs to warm up.

And those who were not as well prepared for the conditions were being resourceful. They were covering up with bandannas and putting hand warmers inside their gardening gloves.

Even in the bitter cold most of the skiers Newswatch 16 spoke to today would rather be doing this than the alternative.

"I'd rather be doing this than being in school," said a student on the slopes.

"My alternative is to cut wood, chop wood, fill up the heater sit inside this is so much more fun," said Fred Ehmann of New Milford.

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