A Family From Monroe County Makes the Best of Christmas Power Outage

UPDATE: Power was restored just before 11 p.m. on Monday here in Monroe County.

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A family in Monroe County was forced to enjoy a very old fashioned Christmas dinner.

Cooking food over a bonfire isn't the Banfield's Christmas tradition.

According to PPL, over 500 customers around Arrowhead Lake are without power due to tree limbs on wires. The Banfield's home in Coolbaugh Township has been without power since Christmas morning.

"Started at seven this morning when the power went out. It's been a cold day all day and we're just trying to make the best of things. When I'm in my house freezing, I think of the people that are homeless and are out there like this all the time. That's why the girls are resourceful and do what they can to make the best of things," said Kenneth Banfield.

Danielle Banfield tells Newswatch 16 that she hasn't been able to put her new Christmas presents to use with the loss of power and cooking over a fire makes for an interesting memory.

"I came up with the idea. We didn't eat all day, so we got the canned foods and cooked it up," said Banfield.

PPL estimates that the power will not be repaired until around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"We don't even know why it's out. Just going to make due and pray for the best," said Kenneth Banfield.


    • wannabeinformed

      Uhhhhh, because they charged it BEFORE they lost power😮😮😮😮
      Maybe they didn’t have enough $$$ to go out to eat!!??? Or maybe they have a dog or a cat or whatever that they didn’t want to leave behind in a freezing house!??

    • Barbara Zimmerman

      I have a solar cell phone charger. I leave it in a sunny window. They may have charged the phones in a car. Leaving the house to go to a restaurant when road conditions are unknown, is risky. I’ve lived without power for several days in this area. It’s why I have camping equipment, which it looks like they are using.

  • No News/Fake News

    Isn’t that a sweet story?
    Now how about a word or two about the terrotist attack in Harrisburg on Friday?
    WNEP/CNN isn’t interested in important news, just this fluff!
    This is beyond ridiculous

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