Mount Carmel Doctor Surrenders Prescription License

MOUNT CARMEL -- The doctor accused of operating a "pill mill" in Northumberland County is no longer prescribing the drugs that got him in trouble.

Just one day after being led out of his Mount Carmel office in handcuffs, Dr. Raymond Kraynak is no longer in custody and allowed to practice medicine. There's one catch: he is not allowed to prescribe controlled substances.

Federal investigators accuse Kraynak of illegally prescribing painkillers to thousands of people from his offices in Shamokin and Mount Carmel.

The United States Attorney calls Kraynak's office a "pill mill." Kraynak is even charged in connection with the deaths of five of his patients.

Federal agents say that between this year and last, Kraynak prescribed the most controlled substances of any doctor in Pennsylvania.

He was soon set to prescribe something else, too. Kraynak was one of three doctors in Northumberland County approved to prescribe medical marijuana.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health said Kraynak has now been removed from that list.

People in Mount Carmel have mixed feelings about what happened.

"You hear things around town, like, 'yeah, go to him, he'll give you something.' But not on that scale level where people lost their lives," said Patricia Pietrzak.

"That's hard to look past. That's hard to fathom that somebody you've known your whole life could have had a part in that," Ralph Hindmarch said.

Dr. Raymond Kraynak was released from custody Friday morning but still faces the possibility of a trial in federal court.


  • Truth Teller

    This is getting out of hand! This whole “opiate crisis” is blown way out of control. Reminds me of Prohibition some idiots think is a good idea to ban alcohol so they did & howd that work out? Theres always been drug addicts in the U.S. & they’ll always will be. Taking away a Pain managment Dr. from the area which only has 3-4 to begin with for thousands of people will not help the problem of drug abuse it will only force the patients who lost there Dr. to heroin or other opiates they’ll buy off the streets because they can’t find a new Dr. because they’re all full & not taking anymore patients. Its not fair to the people who are in constant pain & need that medication to live a normal life. If you have a herniated disc in your spine the pain is excrusiating. I was in a serious car accident when I was 20 & herniated 3 discs in my spine & my life hasnt been the same since 15 years later I’m in constant pain unless I’m laying on the couch & that’s no way to live. Pain meds actually help me get up & around the house or go out a few hours a day & the government has no right to do this. There’s millions of drug traffickers bringing in heroin, meth, cocaine & other illicit drugs, they need to worry about the cartels not a family Dr. trying to help people live a normal life. This whole B.S. opiate epidemic is media propaganda & will back fire in the governments face when they create millions if heroin addicts…hell I wouldnt be surprised if thats not there intention so then they can lock up more people to fill the prisons & kill off a lot by over doses. Why else do this?

  • Dave Birch

    Do the white-collared people at the DEA know how much physical pain and injury this hardworking, good people area of this coal region has incurred as they sit at their desks, let them work in the strippings, and they will be going to see Dr. Kraynak as well. The DEA has taken away an asset this hard-working, blue-collar region!

  • JJeffers

    Can someone point to an actual law that this doctor broke? Don’t say murder. I’d like to see the statute because I haven’t found it. I want to know how the feds determine how much is too much? I think this whole thing is ridiculous, an overreach by the feds yet again. Not trying to sound uncaring for anyone he “may have” harmed, however if these people feel that their loved ones were harmed by him, it is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Thousands of doctors are sued every year for medical malpractice, in very difficult to prove court cases and here we have the DEA, who is supposed to be catching drug smugglers, simply says a doctor prescribed too much and they come and arrest him, demand $500,000 and seek to take away his property. Sounds to me like the DEA are the criminals here.

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