Elderly Couple Told Cops 60 Pounds of Marijuana Was for ‘Christmas Presents’

YORK, Neb. – Nebraska officers arrested a couple in their eighties after finding 60 pounds of marijuana in their truck during a traffic stop, according to the York County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies pulled over 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and 83-year-old Barbara Jiron, both of Clearlake Oaks, California, after they noticed the couples’ vehicle crossing the center line and the driver turning without signaling, according to the York News-Times.

A strong smell of marijuana wafted from the Toyota Tacoma, and, with the help of a police dog, deputies found the roughly $330,000 worth of pot in the pickup, authorities said.

While being questioned, the couple told deputies they were headed to Vermont, and “the marijuana was for Christmas presents,” according to a police report.

Deputies took Patrick and Barbara Jiron into custody on felony charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and no drug stamp, according to the paper.


    • Robert Jordan

      If weed is legalized, then there better be a system set up to test motorist’s just like they do for alcohol.
      Are you listening USA.

  • Jason

    Wow!! You’ve saved us all!! Thank the Lord for your heroism!! I can now sleep easier knowing that I am safe from marijuana, and from 80 year olds!! You truly are the epitome of justice!! I don’t know how I would survive if people smoked weed , and 80 year olds weren’t behind bars!!

    Truth: you PIGS are a waste of tax dollars!! Way to make a harmless couple that’s in their 80’s die behind bars!! I hope you rot in hell!!

    • SMDH

      “Pigs” until they save you sorry azz from a home invasion, a lunatic with a gun, or pull you from a burning automobile. You do the cause of legalization no good when you speak like that. By the way I am for legalization—but there are far better ways to do it than with hateful speech like yours. I only pray on this Christmas that you NEVER have to eat your words when a law enforcement officer saves your life.

  • Rupert Pupkin

    I would pay close attention to their driving before you decide marijuana is OK. Must be old hippies who only evolved into old stupid hippies. I think in most places these people would be called drug dealers with that quantity of sh** as Cheech and Chong used to call it. Maybe it was Cheech and Chong.

    • romanjoe952

      They should, at the worst, face dui charges, but I can gaurantee you that “crossing the center line” and “failing to signal” are often used on vehicles with California plates traveling through Nebraska. Crossing the center line is a very difficult charge to defend against, unless you have a camera, and I bet the failure to signal was while they were pulling over. Ever notice in most valid dui cases that there is a description of erratic driving, speed changes, etc. If it is “crossing the center line” by itself, usually means it is bs.

  • Smokey the Dopey

    WOW! Reefer reefer cannabis keeper!, I wonder if their Christmas tree has a bright green color and 7 leaves per branch!! 80 years old cross country weed run, lol. That’s awesome

  • ElMa

    WEEEEHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Someone get a load of Doritos and Pepsi, and we can all sit around, smoke some weed, and watch some Mystery Science Theater: 3000!!! Oh, nuts………I forgot. Weed isn’t halal (sad face)

  • yeeees!

    omg i bet their christmas dinners are a freakin hoot! stupid us, just having normal boring dinner. i better call my grandma and tell her to get shopping!

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