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Alcohol Level in Air at College Party Registers on Breathalyzer

BETHESDA, Md. — Police in Maryland say there was so much alcohol being consumed at a fraternity party that the air inside the off-campus home registered a .01 on a breathalyzer, according to WJLA.

Montgomery County Police told WJLA around 70 people, predominantly American University students, were at the party when police knocked on the front door. The windows were covered with insulation and trash bags and liquor bottles littered the floor, according to police.

Court documents state the home registered a .01 on at least one police Breathalyzer.

Six people told police they live at the home. All 6 men face multiple charges related to allowing underage possession of alcohol.


  • Fredric

    Not that saying anything here amounts to used oats, an American male, not female, must

    Pay taxes for police enforcement and Social Society,

    Work to improve himself be it job skills or education,

    Vote and tell the nation how to run itself,

    REQUIRED to sign for conscription and possibly kill or be maimed or killed,

    but NOT Drink alcohol legally.

    Females get a free ride out the conscription responsibilities.

    American Males are only part time citizens with full time responsibilities.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    $315,000 in fines?


    Where’s that money go?

    Gay’s can marry, pot’s becoming legal, but a college kid can enjoy a few brews? Fake news.

  • Liam G

    Congratulations, you have a broken or uncalibrated Breathalyzer. How’d you get the crystals to activate without CO2?

    • Fredric

      You and Fake news have a point. The Police were using defective equipment hence jeopardizing all arrests ever made with that equipment.

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