Thief Turns Herself In, Says She Robbed Restaurant for Drug Money

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HONESDALE -- Police have arrested a woman in connection with a robbery at a restaurant in Wayne County.

The robbery, which happened on Monday,  occurred at China Castle on Main Street in Honesdale when the thief showed a gun to an employee and took off with some cash.

According to police, Kelly Branning, 29, of Hawley, confessed to the crime after turning herself in.

Branning told police she was drunk and looking for money to buy drugs.

Branning has been charged with robbery, theft and other related charges in Wayne County.


  • 🤔

    It’s sad that this is what happened. Kelly is a very nice person but went off the straight path. I agree she needs rehab bit also needs to be punished for what she did. Will be praying for her and her family.

  • Archie Bean

    Hello fellow net-citizens, it’s your friend Archie Bean here. This senseless violence against Asian minorities could have been prevented if our government had banned all guns! There’s no way a criminal would attempt to commit a crime with out one, they wouldn’t use a knife, a baseball bat or any other item capable of inflicting harm. Its so simple, no guns = no crime. I wish these people in NEPA could get that through their thick heads. The second amendment needs to be abolished, giving guns to our bureaucratic government and over-zealous police state that will fire five rounds from his assault-rifle into the back of a drunk man crawling towards them. We need to protect the American citizens from themselves! Think of the children! If banning guns saves one life than it would be worth it!

    • 🤔

      Now Archie, we’ve heard you before about guns. Never gonna happen man. Time to get off of that band wagon my friend. Have a Merry Christmas !

      • Roland Gattinson

        I do believe there is a distinction between Archie Beal you know and love so well and this Archie Bean fellow, perhaps you ought to re-read Bean’s comment? The amount of sarcasm is so much its dripping down my screen

      • 🤔

        I think they are one and the same cuz Archie Beal has the same sarcasm. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they are one and the same. Any way, Merry Christmas Roland to you and ur family!

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