The Solstice—It Matters!!!!

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Today marks the Winter Solstice—longer daylight will soon me coming your way! We humans celebrate a lot of ridiculous “Holidays”… (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day), well how about TODAY!! This day has not been captured and pillaged by capitalism, sleazy marketing and cultural brain-washing yet….no cards to buy, relatives to visit, or social mandates to follow! Yet today is a very special day!

The Solstice affects nearly every life form on earth as the planet’s axial tilt distributes light, heat and energy deeper into the Northern Hemisphere, yet no one seems to care!?! The holiday traditions associated with this time of the year that you are now going through are all rooted in the solstice celebrations from our ancestors thousands of years ago…..yet no one pays attention!!

What I say to people this time of year is HAPPY SOLSTICE, not to be different or weird, but to be pure, honest and fair ….Then I get that LOOK back!?! Why??? If you choose to say Merry Christmas to strangers, that’s fine, no offense taken, but remember, it is somewhat presumptuous and slightly Un-American to assume your beliefs are what others’ should be! Happy Solstice covers it all for everyone!! It’s US, THE PLANET, travelers on Spaceship Earth wobbling through space and time appreciating our fleeting moments glimmering in the life-giving energy of the mother star—THE SUN! So raise you glass up high and “… glad we all made it here alive on a spinning rock in the middle of space…” as the band Train sings in a song! HAPPY SOLSTICE ALL!!!

-Joe Snedeker


  • warningfakenews

    Time and space are mere illusions we have and use in order to organize and carry out our Spiritual missions in life.

    The properties of light are one telling clue that the physical world is not primary, quantum physics seals the deal.

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