Police Arrest Two Men for Burglary in Luzerne County

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ASHLEY — An interesting turn of events led police to the arrest of two accused of burglary in Luzerne County.

According to police, they towed a car from a home on Ashley Street which was abandoned in a driveway on December 6th.

When Lucas Moran, Dunmore, and Casey Cunningham, Ashley, arrived at the police station to recover the car, Moran stated there was a tool bag in the car that did not belong to him.

A few days later, Ashley police were called to a home, which was under renovation, after the home was broken into and copper piping was cut and stolen along with a tool bag. The victim of the burglary identified his tool bag as being the one police had found in Moran’s car.

Moran, after admitting his role in the theft, was arrested and charged with burglary and other related charges but ultimately entered a plea deal.

Cunningham was later arrested and also charged with burglary and other related charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Cunningham in the new year following the burglary in Luzerne County.


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