Long-time Fish Market Tradition Continues in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Shoppers in Scranton are taking part in a grocery shopping tradition that's been around almost as long as the traditional holiday meals they're shopping for.

There are a lot of crowded parking lots the few days before Christmas, but at Schiff's on North Main Avenue, staff directs traffic to keep everything in order.

Shoppers visiting the annual outdoor holiday fish market say this crowd isn't so bad.

"Well, I'll tell you, there's not very many here. Usually, it's crowded. I was going by and I saw it wasn't that crowded so I figured, better get it now!" said Lorraine Roshinski.

The outdoor market offers all sorts of seafood that people eat for traditional Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinners.

"Been doing it all my life, my parents, his parents, so, it's the same thing," said Florence Ballino. "We're married 60 years so we're doing it that long."

The Ballinos came for the ingredients to a traditional Italian seven fish dinner. Everyone has a favorite of the seven.

"Bacalla, codfish, with olives and oil and onions, boy, it's the best!" Mike Ballino said.

Marilyn Carlonas came for her traditional Polish meal.

"It has fish, beans, soup, mushrooms, and it's all special things. And then we have a special wafer that we pass and everyone gets a piece, and it's for good luck."

Schiff's outdoor holiday fish market continues through New Year's.

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