Abington Teacher Strike Postponed

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A teachers strike is on hold in Lackawanna County.

Abington Heights teachers agreed to cancel the strike set for January 2.

In September, teachers in the Clarks Summit area walked picket lines for eight days.

They're fighting over pay raises and teacher contributions to healthcare.

Union leaders say teachers will walk out on March 1 if the two sides can't reach a deal by then.


  • Glorious

    Before we slam the administrators or the teachers it may be good to know the salary and benefits of a teacher in this district with an average tenure. Where can that be found?

  • Sharp Pencil

    Start taking applications to replace those that walk/picket/Don’t show up for work. The Karnac side of me suspects Scranton Teachers might be interested in working in the Abington Heights School District . The jig is up for Teachers Unions and the first Domino to fall is in Scranton. Pay attention Abington Heights Teachers, you don’t have the support you think you do.

  • Learnurealgood

    I think they realized public opinion is no longer on there side. Teachers need to accept the same fate that almost every other American. Higher Healthcare costs.


    Come on teachers suck it up, you are union, do what other unions do and I will gladly provide the burner barrels and the pallets to use as firewood to keep you warm.

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