Family Caught on Camera Stealing More Than $1,000 Worth of Goods From Store

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Police in Wayne County say a man and a woman with two children stole about $1000 worth of baby formula and toiletries over the weekend.

The theft took place at the Lake Region IGA near Hawley on Sunday.

A surveillance camera caught the couple driving away in a blue Hyundai here in the Poconos.


  • Nicole

    Im sorry but if you can afford Victoria’s Secret leggings than you shouldn’t be stealing. Maybe you could buy YOUR baby formula if you weren’t spending 60 bucks on those pants. And i get there’s the salvation army but lets all het pur heads out of our ass, we all know she didn’t fund those leggings at any thrift store

  • Jd

    I will never forget the riot several months ago where the “youth” said, “look at all they got, why can’t they give us some!?”. And so explains the mentality!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Wow!!! Somebody can’t handle calling a duck, a duck!

    Deleting all the comments, attempting to silence the opposition! What’s the matter, you don’t like something that’s different than you? You don’t like an opposite opinion?
    Well let me tell you something snowflakes, you can’t argue with facts!
    What do you think these children are learning from the scumbag parents?
    They’re learning to be scumbags.
    The change in our Society begins with family and it begins within the home. It doesn’t begin in school, it doesn’t begin on television and it doesn’t begin with the government.
    So the fact of the matter is, that these children already have no future. Years and years of scum bag bloodlines are going to continue. No amount of social justice warrior programs will ever change that. I’m sorry that it doesn’t sit right with you, but it happens to be true.

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