Taxpayers React to Passing of GOP Back Tax Bill

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- The Keystone State was seen as a key element in electing Donald Trump as president.

So, how do voters here feel about the tax plan?

Better question, do they actually understand what's in it?

Newswatch 16 took a trip to Luzerne County to find out.

At the Laurel Mall near Hazleton, the mall was packed with holiday shoppers, snatching up last minutes gifts.

As their spending spree continued, it’s possible that their thoughts aren't too far from the balance of their bank accounts.

So maybe that's why many people in Pennsylvania said they supported the GOP backed tax plan which finally passed through Congress on Wednesday.

“Who wouldn't be in support of a tax cut for the average person?” asked Jeannine Lesante from Hazleton. “Seeing money coming into their paycheck will actually help the economy so I think more people will spend more money.”

The $1.5 trillion tax bill is the largest overhaul of the national tax code in three decades.

With significant tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy as well as tax cuts to middle and lower class families, supporters here believe this will generate a stronger economy for the country.

“Main goal is business does well, we do well,” said Lt. Paul Nye, a security officer for the Laurel Mall. “We're going to lower the corporate tax rate, hopefully, our jobs are going to come back, we're going to bring back these trillions and trillions of dollars that are stuck overseas, wages are going to go up.”

“When people have more money coming in, there's going to be more money going out and then it's going to help small businesses and circulate and help the economy,” said Lesante.

Many that we spoke to here in the Hazleton area say they are Trump supporters and knew he would deliver this tax reform.

“Oh absolutely,” said Nye. “It shows that Trump is here, he said he was going to do what he's going to do and this is just the first step.”

Opponents are arguing that the tax bill will only benefit the super-rich and big corporations.

“I don't think it does anything for the middle class, not in the long run, because eventually in the end that $1.5 trillion debt's going to have to be paid,” said Michael Galagotis from Moosic.

It's expected the new tax plan will take effect January 1.


  • Sharon Robertson

    Do ppl understand that for the extra $9 in your check, for 6yrs, your grandchildren will be stuck in a world of paying taxes and working for crappy wages.

  • What it be

    Well done Mr President and the republican party company’s are giving bonuses and good raises because of this tax bill. Just to mention a few, AT@T, Boeing and several others including my own co.
    The only people that are scared are the ones that sit home every day and wait for the working class people of our country to pay for there food,housing, medical and free collage.
    Welfare reform is coming soon so stop melting the fix is in thanks to Mr Trump!

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Free collage? Pay for THEIR housing is what you mean. The fact that you cannot properly spell, use grammar or punctuation yet you are trying to argue about the complex subject of politics is priceless, but not surprising. No super genius the only ones scared are the people who paid their way through COLLEGE and now aren’t able to deduct their loans. Oh and people who can see past the short term financial situation of this bill. You are being blinded, for a few years, with a short term benefit to yourself and you are praising your oppressor as a god. Ha ha ha! The most hilarious thing is when the smoke screen of benefits to you expires in 2025 YOU will certainly be the first to cry for sympathy. You will somehow blame the previous administration for this very situation. Even if a person found YOUR very comments, on this website, supporting Trump and this bill you will deny it after the fact. Ha ha ha!

  • cheap tightwad

    The next step should be fair trade. Several decades there was a championship fight in Japan. The press explained the cost of the food basket. Cherries were 19 dollars each and rice could not be imported, having a limit of 10 pounds. Two can play this game.

  • Rick

    I might be able to afford a 40 oz bottle of Schlitz with my “Massive Tax Break for the Middle Class” HAHAHAHAHA My God you people are stupid.

  • les

    Adding 1.5 trillion to the long-term debt is now an issue? Where were these mouth pieces when Obama added 10 trillion of IOUs to the deficit?

    • Jay

      He didn’t.
      – debt increased by about $9t under his administration .
      -$3t of that rise was due to tax and spending policies already in place prior to his taking office
      -government spending is almost entirely set by the Congress, not the president.

      -oh and by the way, much of the debt ballooning under the previous admin came on the tail end of the second worst financial crisis in our country’s history. It wasn’t simply a transparent tax giveaway to the uber-rich.

      – I guess Fox released the parrots from the roost this morning.

      • J

        Obama most definitely responsible!!! He’s has the power to veto any budget, He increased the size of the government. Instituted policies that crippled economic growth. Instead of creating jobs he said let us pay unemployment compensation longer!!! He added more to the deficit than all other presidents combined. He did give some jobs to the Hezbalah drug cartels though.

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