Talkback 16: Scranton School District, Joe Snedeker’s Antics, and Fire Coverage

The financial problems in the Scranton School District and Joe Snedeker's antics are a few of the topics in this edition of Talkback 16.

First, we start with a call from a viewer offended by our coverage of a fire in Wayne County.


  • Fre Shavocado

    You need to fire Snedeker already. Do we really need an amateur comedy act with the weather report? He’s not funny anyway, but he is a smarmy arrogant clown who talks down to people he disagrees with. Hopefully the station’s new owners give him the boot.


    Cut the sports, way too much of our tax $$ is spent on sports, if you’re going to cut the music program then those in the band should take a knee in protest of cuts in music,if you don’t need the music then the band is not needed at sport events.

  • Jimmyc

    Joe sneaker spends way too much time trying to be funny, he’s not! Reely! We want to see the weather! Not a clown! When he’s doing the forecast, I change channels! Way too annoying

    • Cathy Snyder

      I love Joe Snedeker.I am almost 70 and He makes me laugh.My Granddaughter and I met Joe at a shopping center.He posed with us for a picture.I have learned a lot on weather from him.

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