Sheep Stolen from Nativity Scene of Schuylkill Haven Business

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- The owner of Lori's Angels in Schuylkill Haven said someone stole a sheep from their nativity scene.

"We were just shocked," the owner of Lori's Angels Lori Michael said. "This is ridiculous. Who would even want the sheep?"

The sheep was a part of a nativity scene that goes outside of Lori's Angels, a business that provides non-medical in-home care. Michael started putting the nativity scene up in 2013.

"The first year we put it out the baby Jesus was stolen and then after that, they broke the ear off of one of the sheep," Michael said.

Now, someone has stolen a sheep valued around $400 from the manger.

Beer Haven is next door to Lori's Angels, the owner there is disappointed to hear about the theft.

"I just think it's really sad when somebody stoops that low at Christmas and steals anything like that," Beer Haven owner Craig Gerber said.

After this latest incident, Michael decided she wasn't going to put her nativity scene outside her business anymore. She decided, instead, to bring it to St. Ambrose School.

"We figured there it was safer, off the beaten track and it would be appreciated by the students and the parishioners that go over to St. Ambrose," Michael said.

The school was happy to accept the donation.

"I hope this is a safe home for this nativity set," St. Ambrose's principal Carol Boyer said. "I know the children are excited about seeing that it's here."

Michael hopes moving the nativity scene to a new location will teach the thieves a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.

"You put something out that's nice that has significance to a good number of people in this area, and yet someone felt that was okay to vandalize somebody else's property," Michael said. "Totally the opposite of what the meaning of this whole season is."

If you know anything about the missing sheep, contact the police in Schuylkill Haven.


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