New Charges Possible in Serial Rapist Case

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SHAMOKIN -- Investigators are calling John Kurtz a serial rapist, and now, they are saying that there will likely be more charges against him.

The husband and father of two is suspended from his job as a corrections officer at SCI Coal Township after his arrest Monday.

He is charged with attacking three women over the last five years.

According to court papers, troopers used John Kurtz's cigarette butts to match to DNA left on the rape victims.

Investigators said he would get into his victim's homes, blindfold, gag them, tie them up, and in two cases, kidnap them, taking them to different locations to rape them.

Troopers said the first victim was attacked in 2012 inside her home as Kurtz wore a rubber Halloween mask.

The victim says Kurtz gagged and bound her in her basement, but then set her free when she begged for mercy ad she was not sexually assaulted.

In the second case, Kurtz was described to be wearing a ski mask.

Kurtz is accused of choking the woman until she was unconscious, loading her into a vehicle and then taken to a camper.

It was there where he raped her, then wiped her with antiseptic wipes, put a bag on her head, and drove her to a cornfield where he left her.

According to investigators, this victim was the wife of one of Kurtz's coworkers at SCI Coal Township.

They believe Kurtz knew when the victim's husband was working and when she would be alone.

Troopers say a search warrant revealed Kurtz googled the victim's address four hours before the kidnapping and rape.

The third victim told police she woke up to see a man standing over her.

He blindfolded, bound and gagged her, put her in a vehicle and took her to a different location, and then raped her.

Investigators believe Kurtz was taking his victim's to his parent's property in Paxinos.

State police said Kurtz has admitted to the crimes.

The victims in this case also said they believe Kurtz took pictures and possibly videos of the attacks.


  • Pigparts

    Wow, another Street roamer was caught. The only other one I ever heard of getting caught was that bold Denny Barker from Mt Carmel. He worked at Knoebels and helped himself into Mt Carmel houses while the parents were even home. Two finger jerker too. Wnep didn’t report on that story

  • George banks

    Hims just a little guy. Lifting weights won’t do much for him. Being a rapist won’t bother the inmates because most of them are anyways. Now being a jail guard, well that’s a whole different story. The inmates will eat this guy alive! Haha!


    a crooked or criminal like prison or jail guard in the coal region it cant be so. the government is so non corrupt in those parts. haha!

  • Jane Dose

    My favorite thing is that both the inmates and guards are going to hate him! I can’t wait until he get ripped apart in jail!!

  • Huggy

    Prison guards are called corrections officers even though they don’t correct but rather just baby sit. And said prison guards need their own babysitters since they are some pretty much the equivalent of an Ashland corner lurker. It’s kind of like police officer sligans about protect and serve when all they do is write tickets and process charges. Those idiots can’t even conduct an investigation. Incompetence and substandard interpersonal skills are a much bigger problem in the police force than racism. Those deficiencies contribute to racism and need focused on. Since about 1993 the only folks we have entering the police force are geeks that sought feelings of importance in their life of jerking.

    • Berrios

      I would expect this unconscionable conduct from a street roamer, in this odd area even the typical stuck in high school prison guards are having mental collapses. Also, He had on a generic white t shirt from Wal-Mart not the signature coal region fire dept half shirt or stained high school sports gear.

  • seen it all

    Sick , Prison guards and prisoners are gonna like him , Guards normally aren’t intelligent , but they should know they don’t want to live there forever like he will .

    • Albert

      I can see by your sentence structure and grammar that you are the standard to which all intelligence should be defined.

      • Berrios

        Albert the wnep forum isn’t advanced composition class at bloom. He might have a point, you can’t be too intelligent to wanna work around the worst offenders usually from Phillys worst neighborhoods to only go home everyday to one of America’s worst blighted. rural areas.

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