Grinch Who Stole Package of a Popcorn Maker Has Family Rethinking Deliveries

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WILKES-BARRE -- Surveillance video shows a Grinch who stole a package of a popcorn maker off a front porch on Blackman Street in Wilkes-Barre.

It was a gift for Anthony Ranella’s twin girls.

“It’s violating. It’s your property. You protect your property and this is just someone acting like an animal. It's horrible,” Ranella said.

However, Ranella said the Grinch didn’t steal Christmas from his family.

“I hope he enjoys it. Merry Christmas, dude!”

A friend of Ranella’s ended up giving his family another popcorn maker to make up for all this.

Nonetheless, it has him thinking twice about how he gets his packages delivered.

“I don’t know if they cased the place or drove by and saw the cameras because it was full head down. He didn’t look up at the cameras once. It was just open the front gate, grab the package, walk out, gone,” Ranella said.

From now on, he will have all of his packages delivered to work. Experts say that’s one of the best ways to stop thefts like this from happening.

“We live on a busy street and someone can clearly see what’s sitting on the porch, so it’s luck of the draw. We were the ones who got something stolen from us,” Ranella said.

Ranella just hopes the popcorn is buttery and delicious enough to make it worth the consequences this Grinch might face.

“Good for him. If the popcorn maker is worth going to jail, if he gets caught doing that, whatever, enjoy it,” Ranella said.

If you have any information that may help officers track down the thief, you’re asked to call the Wilkes-Barre Police Department.


    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Happened to us twice last year. The first time Amazon replaced the the items at no charge. The second time neighbors saw the thief and yelled, he dropped the items and ran. The neighbors then took the package into their home for safe keeping and brought them to us when we got home from work. :-) See, Williamsport ain’t so bad….not even in the ghetto where I live.

  • yanksin2018

    I think the companies that sell these products should replace any stolen items free of charge, if the customer has proof

    • JP

      This problem wasn’t as bad when someone actually had to sign for the package. Big priced items should be shipped with insurance but that most likely will be higher shipping costs.

  • Help me!

    I actually think it’s the fault of the delivery companies. They never left packages when they started out unless someone answered the door. They would leave a message saying they were by. I don’t know how more of UPS/FedEx/DHL/etc. packages aren’t stolen because they just leave them in clear view to the street. Obviously, normal, caring people would not touch them but you KNOW people will and do, especially on a well trafficked street like Blackman street.

    • Treasure Chest

      You are correct. They require their employees to deliver a certain amount of packages to the point where it doesn’t matter. You can request that your deliveries are held at the local hub for you to pick up, or have a lockable box installed on your porch.

  • Paramoid

    Shoot ’em. Actually, if you work for a company that has ISO9000 standards in place, everything that comes in the door gets logged, even if it’s a personal delivery. Then, you need to account and sign for it. It’s really an invasion of your privacy, so delivery to your place of employment may not be the option you were looking for…

  • warningfakenews

    The family apparently is considering ceding some of the control of their own lives to a thief. That’s what that headline says to me.

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