Deadly Campus Shooting Suspects Arraigned on Homicide Charges

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- The three suspects accused of shooting and robbing a pizza delivery man in Monroe County were in court Wednesday morning to be arraigned on homicide charges.

Israel Berrios and Carolina Carmona apologizing to the family of Richard Labar as they were led to their hearing.

Salvador Roberts is also charged with the death of the pizza delivery man.

Police say the three lured Labar to the East Stroudsburg University campus last week with a fake delivery call, then shot him in the face, and robbed him of about $100.

Labar died a day after the attack in Monroe County.

Berrios, Carmona, and Roberts are now charged with criminal homicide and are being held without bail.


  • Lee Xioshin

    Imagine the victim’s family especially at Christmas. Pray for them. Also, imagine how scary this horrible crime is for the pizza delivery people, the college campus community, the neighbors living there, and the people who walk that street. I pray to keep them all save as well.

    • Lee Xioshin

      They aren’t from the college. They are locals, who used campus property to commit their crime. She’s in her 30’s and is not a kid or student. Neither her extra young boyfriend or her brother are students either. According to other news I read, the man was shot in the face with a shot gun! It is also suspected that these people may have been the ones mugging students as well.

  • Lora

    Whatever happened to do not do to others that you don’t want done to you!!!! That poor man was trying to do a job. They are not sorry….lock them up and leave them there.

    • CeeMe

      Don’t worry, they’ll find God in prison. It’s one of three things that exists there, along with sex and drugs.



  • Sad Times

    What a shame a man trying to make a dollar lost his life cause of these 3 losers ! Why do taxpayers have to pay to feed and care for these Evil Animals for the rest of their lives ? Where is Justice ? Bet you all IF there was a law passed and drilled into everyones head daily, that ANY Murderer who takes someones life, shall have his own life taken as a punishment in the exact same manner from an Executioner ! Bet you that would lower the murder rates ! These Evil people get off to lightly, ping pong, lovers, diplomas, schooling, magazines in prison, and religion AFTER they Murder, it makes me sick !

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