Car Damaged After Shots Fired in Saint Clair

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  • coach

    I take Archie that you don’t like change for the good, because you are so naïve when it comes to crooked HRC, if she were elected criminals would still have guns ( HRC is a criminal ) and the innocent people could not defend themselves because she wanted to get rid of the 2nd amendment, and oh Hell yeah build that wall. MAGA !!!!!!!!!!

  • coach

    ok Archie if you take guns off people that have a license to carry a firearm the thugs will still have one because they get them illegally, I carry but I am also trained and if someone fires a gun at me you better believe I will shoot back, but I guess you are a liberal and voted for HRC. if you did that would explain everything. im not here to judge but in this world you need to defend yourself and family from thugs trying to take your life or everything you worked for.

    • starhawk

      who cares. i do not see much difference from st clair to pottsville, just a bunch of blighted and abandoned buildings, street roamers and people who look defeated. Walmart is pretty creepy in st clair though.

  • Huggy

    Millenials moving into Pottsville might be so much hornier than the street roamers they’re shooting off prematurely!

  • berrios

    this is street roamer territory. the shooter might of got a bad cheese sammy in downtown pottsville and was angry.

  • coach

    and if the people in the other car had a fire arm they could have shot back and take out scum bag that shot at them , self defense.

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