Woman Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot has Preliminary Hearing

HAZLETON -- The case of a Luzerne County woman accused of trying to have her ex-husband and his new wife killed will go to court

Agnes Marsicano, 62, of Drums, had her preliminary hearing on Tuesday. Marsicano is accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband and his new wife.

As two police officers led her into her preliminary hearing, she told Newswatch 16 she is innocent.

"I got drunk and I was on medications that I take for emphysema and anti-depressants," Marsicano said. "They're approved by my doctor. I don't even recall or remember things, but, God, I would never do that to my children."

Hazleton Police said earlier this month they were contacted by a woman who said Marsicano asked her to kill her ex-husband, Dwight Bicking, and his new wife.

During the course of the investigation, police said they arranged for an undercover officer to pose as a hitman and meet with Marsicano.

According to court papers, Marsicano provided payment and photos of her ex-husband and his new wife to the undercover officer.

"We have no information regarding whether or not she was under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication at the time she made these phone calls we recorded or when she met with the undercover officer to kill her ex-husband and/or the wife," Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Justin Richards said.


  • 🤔

    Sure blame it on booze and drugs. I’m sure the undercover agent isn’t going to lie about something like that. People will use any excuse. She’s guilty, period. I feel bad for her kids. I know they’re older but still it’s a sad situation.

    • typical wnep commenter

      Yeah, because medications have never had adverse side effects that affect mental health. Do you even read what you type?

      • 🤔

        Yes I do. But come on, that’s always the excuse. I agree meds can have adverse effects but she knew what she was doing. And instead of owning up to it she’s blaming booze and meds. That’s all I was saying.

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