Scranton’s First Medical Marijuana Facility gets the Green Light

SCRANTON -- Scranton's first medical marijuana company has been given the green light to begin production.

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions is housed in the city's Green Ridge section. In a statement, chief operating officer Ari Hoffnung said:

"As a socially responsible company, we believe it is our obligation to contribute to the economic development of the communities in which we operate."

What do folks in the community think about the new business?

"I have no problem because my wife is one that could probably use it because she's got chronic pain," Arthur Miekowski said. "It's a good idea. I just hope it doesn't go any further and become recreational."

"I'm sure it's fine with people," Patricia Panko of Scranton said. "A lot of people use medical marijuana for different things and it's a good thing."

McNally's Pub right is only right down the road from the Pennsylvania Medical Solutions facility. The owner says he has no problem with the operation being close by.

"Well I think any new business is good for the city," owner James McNally said. "If it's going to be something that helps people medically ease their pain and help them with whatever conditions they have, I think it's a good thing."

Not everyone is on board, though.

"I feel like marijuana is much too fully distributed as it is and why start distributing it in our backyard?" a woman, who lives in Dunmore asked.

That's not the only facility in our area that has been given the green light by the state. Green Thumb Industries has a facility in Montour county that has also been given the approval to begin growing and processing.


  • typical wnep commenter

    Why do republicans oppose big government, but can be perfectly fine with government telling them what they are allowed to smoke?

  • 17701

    Williamsport and Williamsport barrooms have done so much damage to the Northeast do you people really want a dope farm in the area? WOW, IDIOTS!

  • Tophats and a Cane

    You ever driving around town and you pass that guy walking down the street and he turns and looks over his shoulder at you and stares at you for like 5 seconds? Yeah that guy

  • Glorious

    Its a growing business and the stocks of these companies are outpacing the averages by a long shot in the last two years. Its happening whether you want it or not.

  • 🤔

    No one will ever convince me it’s good for medical use. They can do all of their little studies and experiments and I still say no way cuz if that truly was the case, they would have legalized it a long time ago. It’s all a crock of you know what. Just another way for the govt to make big money and another way for people to get high legally. Sickening.

    • warningfakenews

      Yeah, but you gotta admit… making a plant illegal? The federal government had to go through all sorts of crazy shenanigans to pull that off, and the way they did it was highly suspect, constitutionally. Government corruption and abuse of power.

    • Matt

      You have to read up on the history of pot and why it was made illegal. It really was a politically corrupt move. It had nothing to do with getting stoned. Hemp was starting to be used to replace cotton so the cotton growers lobbied or bribed our Congress to get an Act passed to make it illegal except for the WW2 effort.

    • educated

      If you knew anything about medical use you would know it get you high. Pain meds make you feel high and dont help for very long.

  • warningfakenews

    It was bad bad bad, wrong wrong wrong… that was until the state got it’s cut, then it’s good good good!

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