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Pass the Holiday Cheer, Please

WILLIAMSPORT -- Make your way to the Central Pennsylvania Foodbank and you could meet Christine Barto. She's a volunteer.

Less than a week until Christmas, the nonprofit, together with American Rescue Workers is handing out over 800 meals to families.

To get their food each family has to come to the warehouse on Wahoo Drive in Williamsport. It’s where dozens of volunteers are waiting, ready to help.

The Central PA Foodbank started the holiday food distribution drive last year. With an outpouring of support from volunteers and other businesses, the nonprofit decided to do it again.

It takes only a few minutes to fill up a grocery cart. Each family gets a bag full of groceries including eggs, cranberries, and all the trimmings. It's enough for one big holiday meal; something not everyone can afford, but thanks to their community many can now enjoy.

While going through the line may only take a few minutes, volunteers are helping to give some in their community a holiday gift. It’s a feast they can share with the ones they love on Christmas.

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