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Habitat Home Dedicated in Sunbury

SUNBURY -- It's moving day for Matt and Tracey Phillips and a place in Sunbury is their new home.

"I don't think you can put that into words, it's indescribable and very exciting," Tracey said.

About a dozen people looked on as Matt and Tracey got the keys. That's because this is a Habitat for Humanity house.

"We went up to apply and we were accepted. We didn't think we'd be accepted, but we did and it started within two months of being accepted," Tracey said.

This is the 32nd house that Snyder Union Northumberland (SUN) Habitat for Humanity dedicated. Soon, that number will be 33.

Recently, an anonymous family donated a house in Mount Carmel to Habitat for Humanity. Christian Schleider is the director of SUN Habitat for Humanity and says the biggest hurdle will be finding a family to live here.

"Very often people say well it's not meant for me, it's meant for someone with much less," Schlieder said.

Schlieder says there is a misconception about Habitat for Humanity. The organization does not give away homes. It makes homes affordable to families by providing no-interest loans with a 30-year term.

There are two things you must be able to do to become a Habitat family. You must be able to pay between $600 to 800 a month in mortgage and be able to put at least 350 hours of work into the house.

The Phillips family is glad they applied.

"Just be patient and go through the process and you'll get a house and they might pick you," Matt said.

SUN Habitat for Humanity is very grateful to the anonymous family that donated the house, so now, even more, people can be helped. For more information on how you could own a habitat home, click here.


  • cheap tightwad

    Looking at the census data, Sunbury has lost population for the past 100 years. Something is wrong there.

  • Theresa Jones

    I applied through habitat for humanity over two years ago. I can afford the mortgage. Have decent credit and a good and professional work history. Never heard back from them even after repeated attempts to contact them in Scranton. Very disheartening.

    • JP

      How many kids do you have, single. Don’t tell me hfh doesn’t discriminate. A no interest , 30 yrs mortgage, he’ll I would do more then 350 hrs. What a joke.

  • ElMa

    I would love to get involved in something like that, but not in Sunbury!!!! My question is how in depth the disclosures are about these properties. Was it a meth lab? If so, nothing will ever make a structure suitable to occupy.

    • Tracey

      JP, this house will NEVER be a crack house or meth lab, nor has it ever been one before. We are not drug addicts or dealers. We are a middle class working family. Please don’t assume that all people in Sunbury are bad people. There are plenty of great people in this town, much more so than “bad seeds”.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’m really not big on welfare, but I do think this is a good program.

    The people have to qualify, pay the money back and actually work on the house.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        You are correct, I realized that after I posted. A better description would have been to say enabling rather than welfare.

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