Donations for Wayne County Fire Victims

HONESDALE  -- One day after a house fire left a man and his granddaughter burned, the community in Wayne County is pulling together to help.

There are several drop-off sites for donations for the Weidner family including at Visible Changes Salon on Main Street in Honesdale -- all while grandfather Larry Weidner is in a burn unit in critical condition and his 1-year-old granddaughter is also in the hospital this week before Christmas.

It didn't take long after flames decimated the Weidner home near Honesdale for friends and family to find a way to give back.

Suzie Frisch is with the Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force and is one of many asking for donations for the family who lost their daughter to an overdose several months ago and now the fire.

"It is devastating, the need these people have right now is beyond. Christmas is a week away, it's beyond. We need to get together and do what we can, they lost everything," Frisch said.

The Weidners have been caring for the girl since they lost her mother in May.

"they've had a horrific year, not a year, seven months. They lose a daughter, lose an entire home. All the memories of their daughter are gone," Alyssa Young said.

Young worked with Larry Weidner's wife and wanted to do something to help, so she set up a GoFundMe page where more than $5,000 has poured in.

Another dropoff site for clothes or other items is Menotti Tire in Honesdale.  Another coworker of one of the victims helped set up a fund through Honesdale National Bank.

Folks are even asking if anyone has photos of the Allison Weidner, Anna's mother who passed away, to donate them to the family.

"Every memory they may have had of Allison is gone except for that little girl. I truly believe Larry saved her," Karen Novobilski said.

You can find a link to the GoFundMe here and there is an account at Honesdale National Bank for the Weidner Family Benefit Fund.

There's still no word what caused the fire and both the grandfather and granddaughter are still in the hospital.