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Pottsville Homeless Shelter Makes Changes to Meet Growing Need

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POTTSVILLE -- Schuylkill County's only homeless shelter that services both men and women has had to make changes to accommodate the growing need of the county.

Richy Jackson will be the first one to admit he didn't know much about the Servants to All homeless shelter.

"Honestly, I just thought it was a place where you could come to get some coffee and a doughnut," Jackson said.

He has lived at the shelter in Pottsville for the past three months.

"I got evicted because I got sick and I came to them for service," Jackson said. "I told them my situation and they helped me out."

Since he's been living there, he's gotten a job and is almost ready to get his own place. Servants to All staff members help a lot of people like Jackson throughout the year. The organization's executive director, Jeanette Triano Sin, said they've been taking in more people than years past.

"We have seen a big increase in the number of people that we are housing at our organization," Triano Sin said. "Last year at this time, we were averaging probably about three or four people at night. Right now, we're at about nine or 10."

The influx has caused organizers to change how their shelter is set up. The shelter is only one room. Before, they only housed men in their shelter and women would be put up in local hotels.

"In the last three weeks, we have actually made one large room into two smaller rooms," Triano Sin said. "So there is one room for men and one room for women."

The organization works primarily on donations. Staff members accept money, but also need donations of food and other items like toiletries for their clients.

Jackson hopes more people learn about the good Servants to All does in the community, including those who may need assistance.

"There's good people here, and they want to do good for everybody," Jackson said. "All you got to do is come in here and talk to somebody. That's all you got to do."

Workers said that if the shelter does reach capacity, they do have other places for people to stay.


  • Phillip Ike

    Street roamers do the most bashing although the bashing that they do is called slam-slam. Skookle county has lots of odd people who are sexually stressed wearing tight sweats and high school sports tees. They only know how to have discussions about saying “butt” and which high school sports darling is their favorite. Small minded folks with bad postures.

  • Enough with the bashing

    Not at all. Everyone is free to have their own opinion. Your hatred however, is unhealthy. You must have some underlying reason for your daily hatred and harsh words for the area.
    You did fail to answer my question about the location of your far superior residence??

    Every County has their good and bad crowd. I suspect you are the latter in your area otherwise you wouldn’t open your mouth daily to make yourself sound better.

    • Barton

      Who are you ?? Dr Phil?? I know you can’t be too smart if you get mad about people bashing the defunct coal region. Berrios is one of many. Look at the place, its worth bashing.

    • Huggy

      Hahahahaha skooks are pretty much the funniest little oddities out there. Just keep them within county lines. They get really uncomfortable if they venture too far from their high school hangouts!

      • Berrios

        Puzzled???With a lick of logic you can figure out the place is American’s wasteland. Have fun paying taxes to fund your buddies overpaid teaching related job or stand around patronage laden county job. You really need 10 plus high schools in a declining. Blighted county of 135 k? Lots of logic there!! smh!!

      • WAYNE S

        Honestly how can anyone be puzzled about people talking negative about the skook that is like talking positive about the Cleveland Browns.

      • Enough with the bashing

        Oh Berrios, so misinformed. Compared Schuylkill County taxes to some of the surrounding counties.
        Most southern Schuylkill residents enjoy the low property taxes of the county and commute to Harrisburg, Hershey, and Berks county for the higher paying jobs.
        ….and before someone chimes in with a mil to mil comparison, keep in mind Schuylkill County taxes are based on 1/2 of the property value.

  • smurf type

    Good thing some of us either got a kick in the ass to do for ourselves or just realized we had to. Otherwise everybody you know would be homeless. Technically, if you don’t work to pay your taxes or rent, you are homeless. The able bodied grown children that we support are skating the rules of natural selection. Which is when we revert with glib combative opinions. Put it into the tribe mentality that if you choose feelings over survival? You would not have an opinion to carry. The number one emotion is fear and people are too emotional these days to want to live a good life because it is a common opinion that is acceptable to fail your community and reap the benefits without contribution of any sort. This practice of town crier should be astounding in introspect.


    Growing need smh! there has been street roamers in this oddity for years. But hey I heard they make some good sandwiches in downtown pottsville. Also millennials are flocking here due to the great beer and cheesesammy culture so I think thats why the homeless shelters are filling up. I mean I rather be in a homeless shelter compared to one of those fire trap rowhomes here.

    • Enough with the bashing

      Why all the constant bashing of Schuylkill County? ….it is daily.
      Someone from Schuylkill County do you wrong?
      Perhaps steal your man?
      In what crystal palace County do you reside?

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