Brother of Accused Serial Rapist: ‘Family is in shock’

MILTON -- State police in Northumberland County say they have arrested a serial rapist.

Charges were brought against John Kurtz of Shamokin with investigators saying he attacked three women over the course of five years.

Kurtz was led into his arraignment in Milton on Monday where he was slapped with felony charges, including rape, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

His arrest comes after an investigation that began in July of last year when a woman told authorities she had been kidnapped from her home near Milton and raped.

At Kurtz's home in Shamokin, his younger brother Jason said the family is in shock.

“Just can't understand where it came from, how this is even possible, his behavior,” said Jason Kurtz. “We're all trying to keep everything together. He has two children, a wife, house.”

According to court papers, the first attack Kurtz is charged with happened in November 2012. A woman told police a man had tied her up in her basement in Shamokin Township but left without sexually assaulting her.

Then in July 2016, a woman said a man tied her up, took her from her home near Milton and raped her.

Finally, in April of this year, a woman said she was tied up and kidnapped from her home near Herndon and raped.

State police call Kurtz a serial rapist and believe there could be more victims.

“As a result of this investigation, we anticipate the potential for additional victims that haven't yet come forward,” said Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Sherman Shadle.

State police say they caught Kurtz, who works as a corrections officer at SCI Coal Township, through lots of forensics and DNA evidence.

Kurtz's neighbor said state police were at Kurtz's home all day.

“Looked like, I guess they had the mobile crime lab up over across the street, and they took out tons of evidence and stuff. They were very busy,” said neighbor Phillip Twist.

Kurtz was given $1.5 million straight cash bail because investigators feel he is a flight risk.

He is scheduled to be back in court next week.

He is currently being held at the Centre County Prison.


  • Tony

    This is not the first time a correctional guard from shamokin did an unspeakable thing to someone. Worked at the same place as this sicko. That individual got a sweet deal. What is wrong with these people in Shamokin.

  • david

    Unwilling to recognize Internet trolls. a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community

  • evelen2

    Pray for the victims and give them counseling also. Shamokin is not the problem. And thank god this individual did not murder these victims. Yes they are victims.

      • WAYNE S

        I heard some people who are from shamokin that come from well to do families are behind bars, for sex crimes or are on megans list. (some crimes were committed out of state) Thats why some didnt make the local news, So how can you say its not a shamokin problem. Seems like this place is extremely strange.

  • Votechwoodsman

    This guy could have found willing participants in the votech woods or Frackville mall parking lot. Sick area

  • Haha!

    Aaawwww, hims just a little guy. With no plastic badge, pepper spray, and thug guard buddies, I wish this guy the best of luck for the next 30 years!

  • ElMa


    I don’t care who gets offended. A good percentage of the people working as prison guards failed Law Enforcement applications and they are walking the razor’s edge between being law-abiding citizens and inmates, themselves.

    This guy will forever be a danger to society.

    • Trouble Ahead

      Your just a civil service test away from being a CO. Biggest problem is finding qualified local persons. State jails are required to hire a percentage of locals. And, ever since the building of SCI Chester, the standards have dropped drastically to meet that obligation. By lowering the bar for just one jail, the entire job description is altered across the state. Not sure where your getting your failed law enforcement application info. State police standards are in fact more demanding. Like I said, civil service test. And that’s the good news! Time for the bad news. IMHO its going to get worse. Much worse!


    No offense but it appears he admitted to the said crimes with corroborating dna evidence. He does have due process rights. But he admitted it and dna dont lie folks! And from reading other stories and hearing things, how is his family surprised. The guy went to the Philippians to have a family and goes there to visit. That is not really too normal either is shamokin in general.

  • Pa is poo

    How many inmates did he sexually assault? Probably most of them were dudes. These underpaid babysitters seem to get in alot of trouble lately. How’s that Scranton county jail investigation coming along? Maybe Kurt’z place of employment needs to get raided by the State’s Attorney’s office too.

  • mickmars

    With his last name being Kurtz, and his history, I gotta think his parents really dropped the ball on this one when they didn’t name him Dick.

  • mopar driver

    Thanks to the police, This piece of crap harmed innocent people in the most traumatic way , Good to hear an end to a story that deeply disturbed me . Now a “wife” and kids have to live down daddy was scum , bet he made a real good prison guard and will be welcomed with the way he treated others in his life in his new forever home .

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