Rally Against GOP Tax Bill

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SCRANTON -- The first potential overhaul of the U.S. tax code in 31 years has many folks wondering, what's next and what it means for them, especially those in the middle and lower classes.

Sunday afternoon at Courthouse Square in Scranton, dozens gathered to voice their displeasure with the bill.

Chants of "Kill the bill" rang out and the protesters held signs high.

This group is against the GOP's tax bill that could get a vote this week.

They were joined by Congressman Matt Cartwright and Senator Bob Casey, both Democrats oppose the bill as well, which would drop the corporate tax rate nearly by half. Critics say the bill also benefits the rich.

"I'm disturbed about the way this, so-called tax cut was rammed through Congress, and Senate during the middle of the night. That's the sort of thing they do when they know it's a bad thing," said Elizabeth Thompson of Ransom Twp.

"They're deliberately trying to confuse people and I think that it's sad. I think people need to research what's really in this, and get on really legitimate journalistic sites and look into it," said Gemma Rosato, Scranton.

Congressman Matt Cartwright worries that with the passing of this bill, manufacturing jobs could be lost, which could, in turn, affect people here locally.

"One thing I worry about is that it'll be a further erosion of our manufacturing jobs. There's something in this tax bill that favors multi-national corporations moving manufacturing jobs overseas. We've seen quite enough of that around here," said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-17th).

For Anna Corbin, her two sons suffer from Noonan syndrome. They rely heavily on Medicaid. They're afraid that if this bill is passed, Medicaid expenses would be cut severely to pay for the GOP's bill.

"We know what it's like to not have Medicaid, and we don't want to go back there again. To know that with this tax bill, if they start cutting Medicaid, they could eliminate the PH-95 waiver and that would leave us right back where we started," said Anna Corbin, Hanover Twp.

The final draft of the bill is ready for a vote. Republicans hope to vote on it this week.

They claim it will help everyone, including the middle and lower classes.

President Donald Trump could sign it into law by the end of the year.


  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Trickle down has never worked, never will work. The only way to spur the economy is to increase wages to the lower and middle classes so they have money to spend on goods and services. Right now, all their money goes to merely surviving… rent, utilities, mortgage, car payment, car insurance…. Reagan’s tax cuts caused the huge recession in 88, which in turn left GHWB in the lurch and is why Clinton overwhelmingly won in 92. Those huge tax cuts were put into place AGAIN by GWB, which caused the MAJOR recession in 2008 — the one we needed all those bailouts for. When are people going to realize, rewarding the robber barons doesn’t help anyone but the robber barons?

    • sick of fake news

      Whoa are you misinformed. The 2008 Great Recession was caused by a housing bubble which was caused by Bill Clinton’s policies to increase homeownership in communities that should not have been given mortgages. It was no-doc/low-doc loans and loose credit that created a bubble that popped in 2008.

      You really are an imbecile to think tax cuts don’t spur economic growth. The average GDP growth under Reagan was 3.5%. Under Obama it was 1.5%. No tell me again how bad Reagan was for the economy. You are just another low-information dumacrat.

  • Law1885

    These so called rallies are organized by far left lunatics, they train & gather”actors” to participate as agitators..Ive read their blogs, facebook pages & websites, its what they do to push their socialist agenda & small areas are a practice ground..its what got that poor girl run over in Charlottesville. Trump is an excellent president for true Americans, if you dont like it leave & try living in germany china or russia

  • sick of fake news

    “One thing I worry about is that it’ll be a further erosion of our manufacturing jobs. There’s something in this tax bill that favors multi-national corporations moving manufacturing jobs overseas. We’ve seen quite enough of that around here,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-17th).”

    Wow, is Cartwright that stupid and out of touch? What a clown. The entire purpose of lowering the corporate rate from 35 to 21 is so US domiciled companies will repatriate their overseas fund back to the US. Pretty shockingly ignorant Cartwright doesn’t get that. How ignorant. That’s money coming BACK into the country not out of it. Duh.

    As far as the no-nothing with the ‘scam’ sign, the scam was Obama telling everyone the individual mandate was not a tax. He lied. SCOTUS proved that. Now, THAT’s a SCAM.

    • sick of fake news

      Posted this below, but it makes the point that Cartwright doesn’t get:

      “Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that U.S. tax reform is sorely needed and should have been fixed years ago.
      Apple said in an August conference call that $246 billion of cash, 94 percent of its total, was held outside the U.S.”

      So, Matt, exactly how is that over $2B in cash parked in foreign banks helping U.S. workers? If you really cared about American workers, you’d vote for this bill to incentivize them to bring that money back to the U.S. to spend here.

  • les

    Meanwhile people were dancing in the streets and the media and democratic politicians were silent when Obama and his minions directly / indirectly contributed 10 trillion to our long-term debt.
    One can’t make this stuff up.

  • My return is better

    Huge rally lol. 20 people with dollar General poster boards and markers. That will show them hahaha hahaha.
    Wnep is a sucker for a non story

    • warningfakenews

      They are suckers for anything which happens to agree with their own agenda. The fact that these ‘crowds’ would not clog up the line in a donut shop for more than a minute doesn’t matter to them.

  • Shawn Jones

    Democrats will say anything to get people to believe them they are no good Bunch of baby’s can’t wait to have more money love this president

  • It’s A Done Deal

    I love it! Eight years of horrendous economic disaster and an increase of 10 trillion dollars in the national debt. Not a word from the libs. Now they’ve suddenly become fiscally conservative and are very concerned with “the children.”
    You can’t make this up!

  • My Mothers An Alien From Carbondale

    “I’m disturbed about the way this, so-called tax cut was rammed through Congress, and Senate during the middle of the night.” Its been debated and in the news for weeks and its still not passed, so not sure where this person is getting their news.

  • Just Some Guy

    They should call it the Bankrupt the US Bill of 2017. Now that they’re the majority party, where are the Republican calls against deficits that they went on about for 8 years under Obama? This bill will lead to a shortfall in tax revenue over the next ten years of over a trillion dollars. That’s money you and your children are going to have to pay in one form or another. Meanwhile, Joe Sixpack is buying this boondoggle because he gets a dime tax cut while Trump’s buddies, who are already are paying proportionally less taxes than you, get a tax cut in the million of dollars.

    • It’s A Done Deal

      The libs rammed through O care with no Republican support. The difference with the tax cut is it’s going to benefit Americans, not hurt them. Your boy Owe Bama increased the debt by 10 trillion in 8 years! Guess you forgot about that? The trillion dollar increase will be made up in increased taxes from business expansion. You know, just like when it worked under Reagan. But you must have forgotten that?
      You do know you can make a donation towards the national debt, don’t you? Feel free to take advantage of that opportunity with any tax cut you receive. I’m thinking you won’t be doing that.

    • SMDH

      You’re delusional and buying hook, line, and sinker the populist nonsense that Cartright and Casey peddle. My wife and I are “1 percenters” and have already been warned to get ready for an increased tax bill in 2018 as this takes full effect so your drivel about the rich buddies of Trump getting the benefits is full of holes. Cartright needs to take a remedial course in economics (and so do you Just Some Guy). Lowering taxes will bring back the trillions of dollars US corporations have safe-harbored overseas because our corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. Loss of jobs to overseas because taxes are lowered?? If anything, that will stimulate jobs. Where did you go to school, Cartright? I’m betting you got a “D” in economics (but an “A” in political science so you are skilled at hoodwinking the poor and disenfranchised). As for higher deficits as a result of this bill—sure that would be true if there was no additional business or taxable income stimulated by lowering taxes, but with more growth and a more robust economy the resulting uplift in tax revenue will far out pace the alleged “deficit” that the Democrats are trying to scare everyone with. Obama spiked the deficit with very little economic growth and a miniscule increase in tax revenue and a huge increase in the size of the beast that is the federal bureaucracy. I think I’ll support the loud-mouth with the twitter addiction on this one, even though it is going to cost me more money next year. I’d prefer to see people working and our economy growing and more money coming into the federal coffers to help undo the damage that Obama did to our military over the last 8 years and the HUGE COST of supporting the Obama-bloated federal government. For your homework, Just Some Guy–go do some research on the cost of Obama’s increase in the size of the federal government (and they can’t be fired) and tell us about the affect of interest rates on Obama’s $10 trillion debt increase and the cost per year to service that debt.. We’ll be waiting for your report.

      • the answer

        a 1%er in NEPA. Give me a break! You Trump fanatics are complete idiots. This Bill was jammed through to help corporations and the real 1%ers(the orange faced liar-in-chiefs buddies and swamp-mates). Remember Ronnie Ray-guns trickle down theory how well that worked for the average Joe. The companies that will benefit from this bill will not increase hirings but only increase their profits and executive salaries.

      • sick of fake news

        @THE ANSWER

        So, you think it’s better for US corporations like Apple to have their over $2 BILLION of unrepatriated cash overseas instead of here in the US? How does cash parked in Europe help workers here in America exactly now Einstein?

        Typical Dem lib like Cartwright who doesn’t know what the F they’re talking about. Another low-information obama/hillary supporter:

        Here are the facts:

        “Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that U.S. tax reform is sorely needed and should have been fixed years ago.

        Apple said in an August conference call that $246 billion of cash, 94 percent of its total, was held outside the U.S.”

    • Law1885

      Its called progress and as a hard working Republican I support job creation, obuma did so much damage both economic & socially it takes a strong hand to reverse it. You are freaking out over changes or deductions that most likely wont even affect you, yet when obuma & clinton want to open wide boarders to masses of criminals you applaud.

  • Bob Calvey

    Matt and our dear old booby showing heir face in public against against against did any one of those protesters or even our dear newswatch 16 so-called reporters ask booby and Matt if they are doing anything to lower taxes for working people I didn’t think so

  • les

    Since 50% of the citizens of working age in the US pay ZERO in Federal taxes it would be interesting to know how many of them were protesting. Lol!

  • Disgusted Republican

    Economists and millionaires are saying this is a terrible bill. Trump complained constantly about the deficit, which this will add to. Likely they will cut Medicare/ SS to pay for this, somthing MILLIONS of people have been paying into for tens of years.. Do Trumpers care? Nope. Absolute lunacy. This man could do no wrong to you people.

    • Eric Barton

      No its democrats who are against anything signed by Trump no matter how much it benefits them who are complaining. I will enjoy paying less taxes and a growing retirement plan.

      Stop trying to stoke fear with your lies about cuts in programs that are not even proposed.

      • caps not on

        You can’t be that stupid a tax cut means less revenue coming in and unless they cut expenses (which this tax cut doesn’t) then it adds to the deficit which you and I will have to pay for sooner rather than later

    • Law1885

      You are now trusting “millionaires & left wing economics” to base your opinions & fear? The democratic party is finished, it has become a grotesque mutation of liberal Alt left ideology & attempting to destroy what the USA is meant to be.

    • Wake up

      Yes, democrats are the problem. Not the man with the lowest first year approval rating in the united states history, definitely not him… Fool.

      • It’s A Done Deal

        Back to fake polling data again? Did you libs still not learn your lesson about those things? Hillary had this all wrapped up, remember?
        More importantly, the economy is booming and you’re not bright enough to let go of your hatred to realize it.
        I’d tell you to donate any tax savings to the national debt, which you can do, but roughly half of Americans don’t pay any federal tax. I’m willing to bet you part of that group.

      • Thomas

        You sir are 100 percent incorrect. President Bill Clinton had lower numbers his first year then President Trump has, and for the same reasons. Apparently, in the USA, we find it necessary to impede the agenda of an incoming President, whether he is a democrat or republican. Yes, California assisted Hillary Clinton in winning the popular vote, but an overwhelming amount of area, states, and individual counties voted for President Trump. Why is it so hard for the democrats to face the facts that even though they tried to influence the election by creating fake news, fake dossiers, and colluded with the fbi, they LOST.

      • BOB


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