Domino’s Donates Profits to Family of Murdered Delivery Driver

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- There was a lot of pizza ordered Sunday night at a Domino's in part of Monroe County. All the money will go to help the family of a delivery driver who was shot and killed last week.

There was a steady number of customers at the pizza shop in East Stroudsburg where Richard Labar worked delivering food. Police say he was shot while on a delivery on the campus of East Stroudsburg University nearly one week ago.

Three people were arrested and charged in the shooting death, which started as a robbery and ended with the delivery driver's death in the hospital.

The Domino's franchise where he worked chose to donate all the profits from 10:30 a.m. Sunday until 2 a.m. Monday to Labar's family.


  • 🤔

    That’s great they are doing this. I feel bad for his family. Praying for them at this horrific time. He certainly didn’t deserve to die the way he did. May Mr. Labar RIP.

    • Jenson

      People that wear hoods inside any business should be kicked in the face multiple times. But it’s Pennsylvania and he’s white so he’s probably wanted for a probation violation or child support

      • typical wnep commenter

        Or they had their hood up because it is cold outside. But sure, they deserve multiple kicks to the face from WNEP keyboard warriors

  • Make america pre 1865 again

    This donation is all good, very good, but when are we going to put an end to these inner city ghetto transplants terrorizing our communities? If we don’t, it will be death donation after death donation. Unfortunately I believe this is the sign of the times and nothing can be done. Without our government behind us, we are doomed. If the citizens take matters in their own hands they are deemed racist, not community concerned.

  • warningfakenews

    These will become cashless businesses in the very near future, and that’s not a good thing for a free society, not at all.

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