Law Firm Donates Hams to Families in Need

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HAZLETON -- A law firm in Luzerne County is making sure people in the area have a holiday ham to feed the family this Christmas season.

Doughtery, Leventhal and Price handed out the hams Friday to hundreds of families in need.

The firm tells us the idea started about two years ago when the company thought about donating toys but then decided food might be a better option.

"We used to always share toys with the kids and then we realized that the families didn't actually have dinners so we decided that instead of toys we would start giving out hams," said Brian Price, DLP law firm.

The effort has grown over the years and this year the firm was able to donate more than 250 hams to families in Hazleton.

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  • warningfakenews

    While we have lawyers here making virtually everything more expensive through legalized extortion to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s nice to see that they give back about $2500 worth of hams to those they’ve impoverished.

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