Community Reacts to 3-Year-Old’s Homicide

BERWICK -- Michael Crimi, 19, was arrested Thursday in Florida for multiple charges including the homicide of 3-year-old Isabella Brown in Berwick.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Isabella’s mother Sierra Brown Friday afternoon and she said her daughter was her world. She said to be careful who you leave your children with because sometimes you can’t trust who you think you can.

On Friday, November 24, police were called to an apartment building on Freas Avenue in Berwick due to an unresponsive Isabella Brown.

Police say the mother’s boyfriend Michael Crimi was home with her while her mother was at work. He told police that he tried to wake her up and when she didn’t respond, he tried to wake her up by putting her in the bathtub and giving her CPR. After that failed, he called his mother, and then 911.

Crimi told police and doctors that four days prior, Isabella had fallen off of the toilet and hit her head on the bathtub and had not shown any signs of injury, but doctors and police say they found something different.

Police and doctors viewed multiple bruises, head, and brain injuries on Isabella that were not consistent with Crimi’s story. They believe the trauma to Isabella is consistent with someone beating her and they believe Crimi did it.

Isabella Brown died on November 28. The cause of death is listed as multiple blunt-force injuries.

Isabella’s mother Sierra Brown told Newswatch 16 she wants everyone to remember her daughter as a bright little girl.

People Newswatch 16 spoke with in the neighborhood say didn’t know Bella, but they are saddened and shocked by what happened.

“Yeah, that’s it’s terrible that people would do something like that to a little baby,” said one neighbor.

“Well, people that abuse children and animals and stuff like that, I have no time for ‘em. It just makes me really mad and I hate hearing about it. I hope he gets justice paid to him for abusing the children,” says Jim Satetz of Briar Creek Township.

Michael Crimi had an extradition hearing today in Florida. He's not fighting that so police in Columbia County have 30 days to go get him, bring him back here, and charge him with homicide and other charges.


  • Sue

    Women will never be considered equal to men as long as they’re so desperate to have a man — ANY man. He can be a useless, unemployed, lying, thieving, abusive meth maggot, but by God! she’s got a man.

  • Think Positive

    What is wrong in the state of PA? So much child abuse. So many stupid, stupid mothers with equally stupid boyfriends. Isabella is wearing a “Little Teapot” shirt in the photo. She probably loved nursery rhymes. Instead, she got beat to death. When will PA start handing out punishments to these dirt-bags that actually mean something?

  • ain'ta or no

    White p.o.s trash, give him the zap chair. Don’t use tax dollars to feed and clothe this animal. Ruining our communities by not punishing these fools to the fullest. Hold our locals to a higher standard

  • My my

    Whatever happened to due process and innocent until proven guilty? All you holier than thou types have the pitchforks and torches at the ready, don’t you? The man is a suspect, that’s it. Don’t get me wrong – I hope justice is served, but you all are ready to execute this man – you’re no better than whomever is the guilty party. That said, this appears to be another example of people not keeping the family unit as God intended.

    • ain'ta or no

      OK genius. Look, every once in a awhile 2+2=4. Yeah, the baby beat herself. Go back under it liberal rock. He ll have his day in a court and it should be a very short one.

  • Think Positive

    The mother’s boyfriend, the mother’s boyfriend, the mother’s boyfriend, the mother’s boyfriend, the mother’s boyfriend, etc., etc., etc.
    Look at that sweet little girl. Then look at that chunk of puke that took away her sad little life! Throw the mother in the Lion pit with him. They always know what’s going on, and do nothing to stop the abuse.

  • Fuel Cell

    Add this puke to the death row lineup. Oh, wait. There isn’t one in PA, is there? Well, put a bracelet on his ankle and hope that he’ll reform like we do with every other murderous person in this State.

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