Business Interrupted Due to Scare at Gas Station in Monroe County

TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- A suspicious device disrupted business at a gas station and convenience store in Monroe County on Friday night.

According to police, the suspicious device was discovered on top of one of the gas pumps at Wawa near Blakeslee.

A bomb squad from Scranton police was called to the scene but found that it was a travel coffee mug with wires inside.

Police say there is no danger at the business in Monroe County.


  • cheap tightwad

    Reading suspicious device brought me back to the days working at that delivery company. I would encounter them all the time, in a plain brown wrapper. Most often they were what is AKA as a girls best friend that turned into full activation mode and the clerk would have to turn them off and reseal the package.

    • Java

      I’ve seen these mugs before. They travel in herds and will stamped if they’re startled. When at rest, they look very suspicious and you have to wonder because they never reply if you speak to them.

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