Alleged Campus Shooter Suspected in Other Crimes

EAST STROUDSBURG -- One of the people charged with the shooting death of a pizza delivery driver on the campus of East Stroudsburg University may also be responsible for a number of other crimes on campus.

Authorities say Israel Berrios, 17, could be behind a number of crimes that happened on campus during the fall semester, including some recent thefts.

In light of these events, more security will be added to campus and cameras will be installed over winter break.

Students we spoke to say they feel safer knowing Berrios is locked up.

Berrios admitted to pulling the trigger of a shotgun that killed Richard Labar, 58, of East Stroudsburg, earlier this week on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

Berrios is also suspected of being behind more crimes that happened on campus.

"Yeah, I think it's better that he's not out there doing stuff anymore. It makes campus a little more safer now," said sophomore Kyle Fulmer.

University Police Chief William Parish couldn't go into detail about what specific crimes Berrios is being connected to but he did say it involved thefts and assaults that occurred during the fall semester.

"We were already investigating that angle. When this occurred, it was a very short leap based on the totality to at least believe he had some involvement and we were able to ship numerous reports up to state police on that morning so that during their interview on the shooting, they also brought these cases up and he made admissions to several of those cases and there are still more for us to put together," Chief Parish explained.

In light of recent events on campus, university officials say they are taking a number of different safety precautions to make sure students feel safe. They will be adding more police patrols and installing security cameras over winter break

"You can be 100 percent safe, the chief of police can tell you, you are 100 percent safe, but if you don't feel safe there is still a problem and we have to address that," Parish said.

Students say they are happy the campus is taking a proactive approach to enhance safety.

"At least they are doing it now and aren't going to push it off anymore," said Madelon Kalkhuys.

"It's a big help because it's really dark around here at night," Fulmer added.

Berrios has not yet been charged with those other crimes that occurred on campus, but university police say they are working with the Monroe County district attorney's office and state police to provide them with that information.


  • jim

    Perfect example of how probation doesn’t work. Pat them on the and tell them now don’t do that again.
    If this kid had received some kind of deterrent, the very first time he got into trouble, like a month of Saturdays clean graffiti, some hard labor, maybe lives can be turned around and lives saved. Society has to do this because the family structure with some of these kids is nil

  • les

    But WNEP did not report that he was convicted of an aggravated assault along with another serious offense when he was 15 – just 2 years ago. (according to the Pocono Record)
    So why, may I ask our awesome judicial system, was this mutant still walking around free? Cripes, no wonder this area is a crime-infested joke.

  • adalagarzi

    “If guns are illegal, he can’t get them! That’s against the law!”
    I’d like to know more about how criminals obey the law.

    Stay classy libs.

  • John Williams

    Archie- tell us all again how banning our guns is going to stop the likes of this human trash, we need another good laugh!

      • 80 years old and cant believe my eyes.

        If you ban guns do you really think these three would not have gotten one anyway. I can take you to the Bowery in NYC at night and you will get a gun in 20 minutes. I will also bet you $100 there is no serial number on it. So ban your guns and good luck to you.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        That’s exactly right, we do nothing. All we can do is learn how to better protect ourselves. Because of the fact of the matter is this: these things will never stop, the government will never have an answer for us. The government will never protect us from these things. And absolutely no way, no how will a hospital or an ambulance service protect us from the stuff either. Also, changing pizza delivery methods will not stop this. It all comes back to personal responsibility.

  • ain'ta or no

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  • John

    Reinstating public executions would decrease violent crimes. This guy should be the first guinea pig for it! Scumbag

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