Vigil Held in Sunbury for Sandy Hook Victims


  • El-Ma

    I often wonder about these vigils being held, elsewhere. All of the energy that goes into planning them and the funding to purchase the special candles, etc., could be better used by approaching local and State representatives to begin addressing mental illness as a serious issue, rather than something that can be surmounted.

    Lanza was mentally ill. Extremely so. And, everyone turned a blind eye to just how nuts he was, including his mother. She was his first victim. Mental illness isn’t funny, comical, or something to ridicule. It is serious and the consequences for treating it as some sort of cultural annoyance can be catastrophic as was seen in Sandy Hook, Denver, and other places across the world.

  • laura

    why would you have a vigil for sandyhook in sunbury? or any where other than sandyhook? and how does this woman know how they feel? she lose a kid in a shooting? no? then she has no idea what they feel or how they feel. this seems like nothing more than people wanting attention with no other way to get it. that makes them the some of the worst kinds of people – tragedy hipsters

    • Tinsley

      I don’t know, Laura. But I am wondering why you think the worst of people based on little to no evidence. One reason might be that Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook principal who ran toward danger that day, losing her life in the process, was born in Towanda. The woman you spoke of so dismissively (Erin Yust-Brown), and to whom you were so quick to ascribe selfish motives, was actually present at Columbine when that school shooting occurred. Perhaps she does not suffer from your woeful lack of imagination or your heartless attitude toward tragedy. Must you sneer at those who choose to mourn the senseless deaths of strangers?

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